January 21, 2019
8:50 PM

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 DIRECT-                                          1


            1              MR. BOSTED:  Mr. Chairman, I move we

            2   dispense with the reading of the minutes and

            3   memorialize the resolutions from last month's

            4   meeting.

            5              MR. REILLY:  Is there a second?

            6              MS. STEWART:  Second.

            7              MR. REILLY:  Okay, it's been moved and

            8   seconded.  Roll call.

            9              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

           10              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

           11              MS. STEWART:  Yes.

           12              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           13              MR. BROKATE:  Yes.

           14              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

           15              MS. DePULA:  All in favor.


           17   E-46546 LYNDALE AVENUE

           18              MS. STEWART:  I make a motion that

           19   this application be denied.

           20              MR. REILLY:  Is there a second?

           21              MR. BROKATE:  I'll second that.

           22              MR. REILLY:  By way of discussion, my

           23   understanding is that when the owner of this

           24   property is denied a lawful use it becomes

           25   confiscatory, and the City might have to buy it

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES
                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          2


            1   from him.

            2              MR. BOSTED:  Well this isn't a use

            3   variance.

            4              MR. REILLY:  It isn't, the use is

            5   permitted.

            6              MR. BOSTED:  Right, but it's not a use

            7   variance, so we're not denying the use.  You'd

            8   have to come back with a different set of plans.

            9              MR. REILLY:  Okay.

           10              MR. BOSTED:  I actually haven't seen

           11   any revised set of plans, so I am going to vote

           12   no just on the basis that there's no revised set

           13   of plans that we're voting on, it's not even

           14   clear what we would be voting on if we voted to

           15   approve.

           16              MR. McGILL:  Mr. Bosted has a point as

           17   far as the confiscatory nature is concerned.

           18              MR. REILLY:  Well it's impossible to

           19   build a residence that would then comply with the

           20   terms of the ordinance.

           21              MR. McGILL:  We are denying -- we're

           22   not doing anything.  If it is denied, these plans

           23   are denied.  It doesn't necessarily mean that

           24   nothing can be built there.  Maybe something --

           25              MR. REILLY:  That conforms with the

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES
                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          3


            1   ordinance.

            2              MR. McGILL:  Yeah.  Well, it would be

            3   kind of hard pressed to actually build something

            4   in conformance with the ordinance.  But it hasn't

            5   been shown that nothing can be built there.  I

            6   understand it's a 20-foot lot, and I'm not even

            7   saying -- I don't have an opinion as to that.

            8   It's just these plans, the motion is to deny

            9   these plans, not all plans.  And Mr. Bosted's

           10   point about a use is well taken.

           11              MR. REILLY:  It's been moved and

           12   seconded.  Can we have a roll call, please.

           13              MR. BOSTED:  Now a yes vote is a no?

           14              MR. McGILL:  A yes is to deny.

           15              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

           16              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

           17              MS. STEWART:  Yes.

           18              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           19              MR. BROKATE:  Yes.

           20              MR. REILLY:  No.

           21              MS. DePULA:  Five yes, one no, appeal

           22   denied.


           24   E-52453, 585 ROOSEVELT STREET

           25              MS. STEWART:  I make a motion that

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES
                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          4


            1   this be granted.

            2              MR. BROKATE:  I'll second that motion.

            3              MR. REILLY:  Okay, it's been moved and

            4   second.  Is there any discussion?  Call the roll,

            5   please.

            6              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

            7              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

            8              MS. STEWART:  Yes.

            9              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           10              MR. BROKATE:  Yes.

           11              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

           12              MS. DePULA:  Ms. Masudi, does she

           13   vote?

           14              MR. McGILL:  It doesn't matter.  Would

           15   you like to vote, Ms. Masudi.

           16              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.


           18   E-46545, 500 BREUNIG AVENUE

           19              MR. REILLY:  I am prepared to make a

           20   motion that the Board make a finding of fact that

           21   the proposed use is consistent with those uses

           22   outlined in an industrial B zone and that no

           23   variance is necessary.

           24              MS. STEWART:  I'll second that motion.

           25              MR. REILLY:  The motion has been made

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES
                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          5


            1   and second.  Roll call, please.

            2              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

            3              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

            4              MS. STEWART:  Yes.

            5              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

            6              MR. BROKATE:  Yes.

            7              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

            8              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

            9              MS. DePULA:  All in favor, it's a

           10   finding of fact.


           12              MS. STEWART:  I make a motion that we

           13   adjourn.

           14              MS. MASUDI:  And may I have a second?

           15              MR. BROKATE:  I'll second.

           16              All in favor, no opposed.

           17              (Adjourned at 9:15 p.m.)









                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES
                                   (609) 883-7707

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