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Trenton Green is a partnership of the City of Trenton, PSEG, the Governor’s Office of Energy Savings, the NJ Board of Public Utilities, the State Departments of Environmental Protection and Labor and Workforce Development, Mercer County, and Isles, Inc.

What's New:    Trenton's Climate Action Plan (posted 06/30/10)
For questions or comments, contact Colin Cherry at or 609.989.3532.

The City of Trenton is involved in a number of projects that fall under the umbrella of the Trenton Green Initiative. The projects are described below:

Project Name

Project Description


Grant Total


Participating Organizations

Trenton Green Plan

The Mayor’s Trenton Green Task Force has identified the following goals for its Trenton Green Plan: 

-Protect the Climate and Use   Sustainable Energy
-Ensure a Safe & Healthy Environment, In and Out of the Home
-Reduce Waste
-Build a Vibrant and Sustainable Local Economy
-Increase the Efficiency and Reduce the Footprint of Municipal Operations.
The Trenton Green Plan will contain the overarching plan for the future of the environment in Trenton and be the vision that all other pieces will fit into. The report is expected to be completed by Earth Day 2010.



City of Trenton


Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant is a program through the U.S. Department of Energy funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

3 Years

The City of Trenton has been allocated $847,800.

This EECBG will create roughly 100 jobs and provide both cost savings and quality of life improvements for the City of Trenton. 


Climate Action Plan

This plan will include measuring the carbon footprint of the City and evaluating all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as providing suggestions for improvements and changes that can be made.

Work on the Climate Action Plan began in June 2009. The plan is available at as of June 30, 2010.


The suggestions provided by the report will help shape action items in the Trenton Green Plan.

New Jersey Sustainable State Institute, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

The U.S. Department of Energy has provided the City with a grant of $475,000 which, with a match of $118,000 enables almost $600,000 worth of improvements.

This grant will provide for an audit of all city owned property to determine how best to install sources of renewable energy generation (solar panels, geo-thermal wells, etc.).

10 years with work scheduled to begin in spring/summer 2010


Once the audit has been completed, the funds will provide for the installation of a number of such sources of power generation which are expected to save on both energy costs and pollution.

Some of the funds ($75,000) will also be going to a home weatherization business to further provide renewable and energy efficient options to low income families.


Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE Grant)

 Trenton's Department of Housing and Economic Development has partnered with Isles to create and distribute a list of environmental issues raised by the community and then create a narrative that will profile, disseminate, and catalog these issues.

Initial work began June 2009 and an application for a Level 2 grant was submitted in March 2010.

Ongoing community outreach will continue through the summer of 2010.

This grant from USEPA totals $66,000.

City of Trenton residents are able to make their voices heard regarding environmental issues that affect their community.  Once cataloged and described, the City of Trenton can better take the action that its citizens deem necessary.

 Isles, Inc.

New Jersey League of Municipalities (Mayors Committee for a Green Future)

The committee is promoting greening in New Jersey municipalities through education, outreach, leadership and support for municipal programs and practices that protect the environment and contribute to a better New Jersey overall.

Initiated in 2006.


Municipalities throughout the State of New Jersey.

The 'Mayors Committed for a Green Future' joined forces with the Municipal Land Use Center at The College of New Jersey and the NJSSI to launch the Sustainable Jersey program. 

Sustainable Jersey Certification

Sustainable Jersey (SJ) is a certification and incentive program developed by a coalition of both public and private organizations in the state.   SJ provides the guidance material and resources necessary for municipalities in New Jersey to implement plans that address issues relating to pollution, global warming, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, buying locally, green building, and community outreach. 

The City is currently working towards receiving the 100 points required to be certified and will be submitting an application for certification in Spring 2010.





Wal-Mart Grant

A collection of ten, $10,000 and four, $25,000 grants offered by Wal-Mart through the Sustainable Jersey program to undertake activities that bring a municipality closer to certification.

Grant awards were announced on
June 22, 2009 and the City of Trenton was one of four municipalities to receive a $25k grant.

2009 Walmart Grant Progress Report



This grant will be utilized by the City of Trenton to establish an on-going educational campaign to inform school children, residents, businesses and landlords on how they can reduce their energy use, save money, and make their environment cleaner and healthier.

Sustainable Jersey

PSE&G Outreach

PSE&G has begun a program of outreach and enrollment into a number of energy efficiency and weatherization programs both here and in Newark.

The program currently has three parts, residential, commercial, and hospital:

-Residential work has begun with Isles serving as the community partner -Commercial work is beginning through a partnership with the Trenton Downtown Association who are undertaking outreach efforts to local businesses.



Residents, Businesses and the Hospital sector of the City of Trenton.

Isles, Inc. and the Trenton Downtown Association


The Mercer County weatherization program has received a significant influx of funding ($4,000,000) to perform weatherization retrofits for low income residents.



Low income Residents

Isles, Inc.

Isles Green Jobs Training

Isles operates a facility that trains local residents in a number of energy efficiency tasks, including performing audits, with the intention of providing a work force for organizations like PSE&G that is drawn from the local population.

Isles’ YouthBuild program, which is specifically targeted towards training youth in construction related fields, has recently received $647,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which will allow them to enroll another 100 youth in the program.



Residents and youth of the City of Trenton

Isles, Inc.

Trenton Housing Authority Retrofits

The Trenton Housing Authority has received $10,000,000 in funding to perform a number of energy efficient building retrofits.

Initial contracting efforts began June 2009


This retrofitting project created 94 jobs.



updated 06/30/10


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