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5 Year Cyclical Inspections FAQs.  

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Q. Why do I need the inspection?  

A. It is required that all rental properties in the City of Trenton be inspected every 5 years so that any violations of City ordinances may be identified and corrected.


Q. Where can I read the City Ordinances?

A. Click here and go to Chapter 132, Article X, Section 85.


Q. Will I need to get heater and chimney certifications?

A. Not necessarily. Certifications are required every year when non-occupant owner licenses are renewed. If you have not submitted certifications for your property this year, please take this opportunity to do so.


Q. My property is unoccupied. Do I still need an inspection?

A. No. However, since owners will be required to register vacant properties next year, you can get ahead by registering your property early. Please call 609-989-3562 and say that you would like to register your property. Also, it is important to remember that properties must be inspected before a change in occupancy.


Q. I am a tenant. Can I schedule the inspection or do I need to have the owner of the property call?

A. Tenants are more than welcome to schedule inspections. Our letters were meant to be sent to owners, but if one has reached you instead, please inform our office of an address at which we can contact the owner of the property for future reference.


Q. I am the owner of the property but I currently live there. Do I still need an inspection?

A. No, these inspections are only required for properties where the owner is not in residence.


Q. Am I exempted because I’ve had a DCA inspection?

A. No, you still must have an inspection with our office. Please call 609-989-3562 to schedule a visit from an inspector for a mutually convenient time.


Q. I have a question not listed on this list. Who can I call?

A. Please feel free to contact the Division of Housing Inspections by calling 609-989-3562, 609-989-3563, or 609-815-2177.

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