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Business Testimonials

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 “…in 2015, I moved (Muirhead Foods) to Trenton for a lot of really good reasons. It’s in the city. It’s affordable. It’s along major highways, US Route 1 for example. There are a lot of suppliers and there’s a good labor force in this area as well."

Barbara Simpson, Muirhead Foods

"We bought City Beef a number of years ago because we were so excited about the expansion and growth in Trenton New Jersey. We’ve been here for 61 years and Trenton has been the heart of the meat industry for New Jersey and City Beef is proud to be a part of it."

Chef Rick Tarantino, City Beef

 “The Hibbert Group was founded in Trenton 137 years ago and is an ideal location for our corporate headquarters. The train and highway system provide easy access to our northeastern clients. Our proximity to the Newark and Philadelphia airports are convenient for national account visits.

"We attract employees from Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey. We also have several employees who reside in Bucks County PA. The city’s government understands the importance of a strong business community and is attentive to our needs.

"We are very proud of the heritage, tradition and culture of our company. The city of Trenton is the ideal location to continue the innovative evolution of our 137-year-old business.”

Timothy J Moonan, The Hibbert Group

“The City of Trenton has proven to be a strategic location in terms of both logistics and hiring appropriately-skilled workers.”

Jacob Zahler, CleanTex

Insider NJ

We’ve been based in Trenton since 1920 and have never outsourced our work or jobs.  We’re proud to continue contributing to the manufacturing comeback here in Trenton and the launch of our new division allows us to hire new employees while maintaining the loyal and multi-generational workforce who have made Switlik the continuing success it is today.”

Stanley Switlik II, SWITLICK Survival Products

Area Development

Retail and Restaurants

“I like that Trenton is right in the middle of everything. NY, Philly, the shore etc. and I have clients that come from up north and as far south as D.C so I’m easily accessible from the highway and trains.  I attract a lot of businesses from the surrounding cities.

Also, affordable rent and since the city is so small news travels very fast. It’s very easy to promote especially when you are operating and promoting properly.”

Johnna Hodges, Manely Luxe,

439 S Broad Street, Suite- 102

“Trenton’s Division of Economic Development has programs supporting businesses you won’t find anyplace else.  They organize the Trenton Eat Local Club, which brings a mob of people to a different restaurant every month, supporting local businesses.  Other cities often have Shop Local programs that consist entirely of newspaper ads and social media posts. Trenton actually brings people into your business so they can spend money.  This is in addition to assisting with business improvement and expansion grants and access to programs like the UEZ.  I feel sorry (not sorry) for all those businesses who are in other cities that don’t work so hard on their behalf.”

Maurice Hallet, 1911 Smokehouse Barbecue


“The future, we’re definitely staying here.  Our little community here is nice. We love Trenton. I go out two or three times a day and sweep up. I put flowers out there. I’m proud to be here.”

Margaret Pulhac, The Blue Danube. 

Trenton Downtowner

"I chose Trenton because of its cultural diversity, geographic position, and affordable real estate. Not to mention the historic architecture. There is no other City along the coast with the potential we have here.

"There really aren't many parking options near my business, but Trenton is very walkable given its size. There's also a great system of public transportation here."

Elijah Dixon, The Orchid Group

"I love being part of the downtown Trenton community...."

Debra Hoy, Executive Cuts



"With Trenton’s resurgence and a growing realization that the downtown is a safe and interesting destination, the possibilities for attracting visitors (some of whom may wish to relocate here), residents, and work commuters are very real. The downtown is actually quite small and has very walkable space.  That’s something you don’t have with many other cities."

Richard Hunter, Hunter Research. 

Trenton Downtowner

“It’s great that we found office space on South Warren. There’s a lot of foot traffic, plus, a Starbucks is opening across the street. It’s an area that’s getting better, a happening area." 

Dr. Navleen Thind, Capital Smiles Dental.   


“We feel strongly that the Trenton area and the city of Trenton are making some crucial improvements to make it an even greater city.” 

Jarrod Grasso, New Jersey Realtors 

Trenton Downtowner

"(I was) attracted by Trenton's strategic location, proximity to major highways, area colleges and how it's between Philadelphia and New York." 

Kamal Bathla, Maestro. 

Trenton Times

"Many of my customers live in or near the city. Being able to get here easily off an interstate is helpful for new customers.

"I have come to love the feel of the city, walking out and being able to walk around and seeing all the people walking about. I like that it’s a capital city too. I like history and there is so much here."

Kris King. Karl Weidel Insurance

 “We chose Trenton for their business for a lot of reasons, including the location in a walkable downtown with good public transportation, close to other businesses and the state capital was attractive both inherently and because they express many of our commitments. We love being in a historic downtown; we love being close to state, county and city agencies (we deal with all of them); we love being close to the train station, etc. The building we moved into is beautiful, historic and unique, all important characteristics for an architecture firm, and we were able to make it affordable, using Federal Historic Tax Credits and some other grant funding. It’s been a great move for us, and it’s been exciting being a part of Trenton’s renaissance.”

John Hatch, Clarke Caton Hintz architects


“I chose Trenton because Trenton chose me. The outpouring of love and support from my people in the city continued to inspire and motivate my role as a local artist. I stay because I love it

“What’s good about Trenton for my business is the location.  There’s a constant flow of traffic in the area....and if I get hungry I can just go downstairs.  LoL. There are also several boutiques, a hair salon and other galleries in the same building (439 South Broad Street), and it allows the community to have several options. Being close to downtown Trenton as well, is a major plus, because of all the restaurants and new developments throughout the city. I’m excited to especially see the art community growing.

I love Trenton NJ. I love the Community and everything it stands for...Life, Unity, Peace.

Leticia Letty Acevedo, Designs by Letty,

"I am a working artist. That's what I do. That is my career. I owe that in no small part to Artworks Trenton and Trenton itself. I don't think I would be where I am today without Artworks and Trenton in the mix. Common Threads sprang from Artworks and Trenton. My community activism springs from Artworks and Trenton. I'm a curator at the BSB Gallery because of Artworks and Trenton. Artworks is an incubator for many of my ideas. Their open door policy has allowed me to grow as an artist, curator and organizer. Their trust in me and my ideas is something I can never thank them enough for. I'm looking forward to many more partnerships with them in the future. Holding Trenton in the light.   Moving Trenton forward through art."

C.a. Shofed, Amphora Art










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