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 City of Trenton Commodities List

005 Abrasives
010 Acoustical, Tile, Insulating Materials and Supplies
025 Air Compressors and Accessories
031 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating Equipment, Parts,
037 Amusement, Decorations, Entertainment, Toys, Etc.
045 Appliances and Equipment, Household Type
050 Art Equipment and Supplies
052 Art Objects906 Architectural Services
907 Architectural and Engineering Services
060 Automotive Maintenance Items and Repair/Replacement Parts
065 Automotive Bodies, Accessories and Parts
070 Automotive Vehicles and Related Transportation Equipment
075 Automotive Shop Equipment and Supplies
080 Badges, Emblems, Name Tags and Plates, Jewelry, Etc.
100 Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and Containers
105 Bearings (Except Wheel Bearings and Seals)
110 Belts and Belting:  Conveyor, Elevator, Power Transmission
115 Biochemicals, Research
120 Boats, Motors and Marine and Wildlife Supplies
125 Bookbinding Supplies
908 Bookbinding, Rebinding and Repairing
135 Bricks and Other Clay Products, Refractory Materials, Stone
140 Broom, Brush and Mop Manufacturing Machinery and Supplies
150 Builder's Supplies
909 Building Construction Services, New
910 Building Maintenance and Repair Services
155 Building and Structures:  Fabricated and Prefabricated
175 Chemical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
193 Clinical Laboratory Reagents and Tests
200 Clothing, Apparel, Uniforms and Accessories
915 Communications and Media Related Services
204 Computer Hardware and Peripherals for Microcomputers
206 Computer Hardware and Peripherals for Mini and Main Frame
207 Computer Accessories and Supplies
208 Computer Software for Microcomputers (preprogrammed)
209 Computer Software for Mini and Mainframe Computers
210 Concrete and Metal Culverts, Pilings, Septic Tanks, Accessories
918 Consulting Services
220 Controlling, Indicating, Measuring, Monitoring, and Recording
225 Coolers, Drinking Water (Water Fountains)
015 Copying, Duplicating Machine Supplies
232 Crafts, General
920 Data Processing Services
255 Decals & Stamps
265 Draperies, Curtains and Upholstery Material (include automobile)
271 Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Sets (For Large-Volume
       Parenteral Administration, Infusion, Irrigation and Tube Feeding)
924 Educational Services
925 Engineering Services, Professional
926 Environmental and Ecological Services
928 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair Services for
929 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair- Agricultural,
       Heavy, Industrial Equipment
931 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair- Appliance,
       Cafeteria, Furniture
934 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair-Laundry, Lawn,
       Painting, Plumbing
936 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair-General
938 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair- Hospital,
       Laboratory and Testing
939 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning and Repair-Office,
       Photographic and Radio/Television
280 Electrical Cables and Wires (Not Electronic)
285 Electrical Equipment and Supplies (Except Cable and Wire)
287 Electronic Components, Replacement Parts and Accessories:  and,
       Miscellaneous Elec. Equip.
305 Engineering Equipment, Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments
       and Supplies
315 Epoxy Base Formulations for Adhesives, Coatings, and Related
325 Feed, Bedding, Vitamins and Supplements for Animals
330 Fencing
335 Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners
946 Financial Services
340 Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies
345 First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies
350 Flags, Flag Poles, Banners and Accessories
360 Floor Covering, Floor covering installation and removal and equipment
365 Floor Maintenance Machines, Parts & Accessories
393 Foods:  Staple Grocery and Grocer's Miscellaneous Items
347 Forestry Services
395 Forms, Continuous:  Computer Paper, Form Labels, Snap-Out Forms
400 Foundry Castings, Equipment and Supplies
405 Fuel, Oil, Grease and Lubricants
420 Cafeteria, Library, Lounge
415 Furniture:  Laboratory
425 Furniture:  Office
430 Gases, Containers, Equipment:  Laboratory, Medical and Welding
435 Germicides, Cleaners and Related Sanitation Products for Health Care
440 Glass and Glazing Supplies
445 Hand Tools (Powered and Non-Powered), Accessories and Supplies
450 Hardware and Related Items
448 Health Related Services
465 Hospital and Surgical Equipment, Instruments and Supplies
952 Human Services
485 Janitorial Supplies, General Line
493 Laboratory Equipment and Accessories:  Biochemistry, Chemistry,
       Env. Science
954 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
515 Lawn Maintenance Equipment, Accessories and Parts
540 Lumber and Related Products
545 Machinery and Hardware, Industrial
550 Markers, Plaques and Traffic Control Devices
555 Marking and Stenciling Devices
560 Material Handling and Storage Equipment and Allied Items
565 Mattress Manufacturing Machinery and Supplies
570 Metals:  Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips and Fabricated Items
961 Miscellaneous Professional Services
962 Miscellaneous Services
575 Microfiche and Microfilm Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
578 Miscellaneous Products
590 Notions and Related Sewing Accessories and Supplies
595 Nursery Stock, Equipment and Supplies
600 Office Machines, Equipment and Accessories
615 Office Supplies, General
630 Paint, Protective Coatings, Varnish, Wallpaper
640 Paper and Plastic Products, Disposable
650 Park, Playground, Recreational Area and Swimming Pool
652 Personal Hygiene and Grooming Equipment and Supplies
964 Personnel, Temporary (Employment Agency Services)
655 Photographic Equipment and Supplies
658 Pipes and Tubing
659 Pipes and Tubing Fittings
670 Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures and Supplies
675 Poisons:  Agricultural and Industrial
680 Police Equipment and Supplies
690 Power Generation Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
691 Power Transmission Equipment-Electrical, Mechanical
966 Printing and Related Services
968 Public Works and Related Services
715 Publications and Audiovisual Materials
720 Pumping Equipment and Accessories
725 Radio Communication, Telephone and Telecommunication Equip.
730 Radio Communications and Telecommunication Testing
735 Rags, Shop Towels and Wiping Cloths
971 Real Property Rental or Lease
740 Refrigeration Equipment and Accessories
981 Rental or Lease Equipment-General;
983 Rental or Leas Equipment-Clothing, Janitorial, Laundry
984 Rental or Lease Services-Computers
977 Rental or Lease Equipment-Appliances, Cafeteria, Furniture, Hardware
985 Rental or Lease Equipment- Office, photographic, printing
745 Road and Highway Building Materials (Asphaltic)
750 Road and Highway Building Materials (Non Asphaltic)
755 Road and Highway Equipment: Asphalt and Concrete Handling
760 Road and Highway Equipment:  Earth Handling, Grading, Moving
765 Road and Highway Equipment (Except Asphalt, Concrete Equipment)
770 Roofing
998 Sale of Surplus & Obsolete Items
775 Salt (Sodium Chloride)
989 Sampling and Sample Preparation Services (For Testing)
780 Scales and Weighing Apparatus
785 School Equipment and Supplies
790 Seed, Soil,  Sod, and Inoculants
800 Shoes and Boots
801 Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment and Related Supplies
803 Sound Systems, Components, and Accessories:  Group Intercomm,
805 Sporting Goods, Athletic Equipment and Athletic
815 Steam and Hot Water Fitting, Accessories and Supplies
820 Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Steam Heating Equipment
830 Tanks ( Metal, Wood, and Synthetic Materials)
832 Tape (Marking Products)
840 Television Equipment and Accessories
992 Testing and Calibration Services
845 Testing Apparatus and Instruments
850 Textiles, Fibers, Household Linens and Piece Goods
855 Theatrical Equipment and Supplies
860 Tickets, Coupon Books, Sales Books, Strip Books
863 Tires and Tubes
870 Venetian Blinds, Awnings and Shades
875 Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
880 Visual Education Equipment and Supplies
885 Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
890 Water Supply, Groundwater and Sewage Treatment Equipment
895 Welding Equipment and Supplies
898 X-Ray and Other Radiological Equipment and Supplies (Medical) 

Construction and Related Services

906 Architectural Services, Professional
909 Building Construction Services, New
910 Building Maintenance and Repair Services
912 Construction Services, General
913 Construction Services, Heavy
914 Construction Services, Trade (New Construction)
                914-27 Carpentry
                914-30 Concrete
                914-38 Electrical
                914-47 Glass and Glazing
                914-50 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
                914-53 Insulation
                914-55 Masonry
                914-58 Metal Work
                914-61 Painting
                914-64 Plastering
                914-65 Plastics
                914-68 Plumbing
                914-73 Roofing
                914-79 Structural Steel
                914-83 Tile and Marble Work, All Types
                914-85 Welding
918 Consulting Services
                918-15 Architectural Consulting
                918-31 Construction Consulting
                918-42 Engineering Consulting
                918-43 Environmental Consulting
925 Engineering Services, Professional
                925-07 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating
                           Engineering Services     
                925-17 Civil Engineering
                925-35 Environmental Engineering Services
                925-44 General Construction:  Mgt., Scheduling, Cost
                925-55 Inspecting General-Engineering Services
                925-67 Mechanical Engineering Services
                925-88 Structural Engineering Services
926 Environmental and Ecological Services
953 Insurance, All Types
962 Miscellaneous Services
968 Public Works and Related Services
                968-18 Back Flow Preventer Testing Service
                968-44 Graffiti Removal Services
                968-47 Inspection Services, Construction Type
                968-61 Pavement Marking Services
                968-75 Streetscaping
                968-97 Wrecking and Removal
988 Roadside, Grounds, Recreational and Park Area Services
990 Security, Fire, Safety and Emergency Services

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