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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program


The purpose of the federal CDBG Program is to provide cities with funds to help meet the needs of low and moderate income residents, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and the homeless.  Trenton receives an annual CDBG allocation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for local use. These funds are used to support a variety of services and for community improvement. In 2013-14, the City received $2.6 million in CDBG funds.

The purpose of the Emergency Solutions Grant is to assist individuals and families that are homeless or in jeopardy of homelessness. Eligible projects include rapid rehousing and projects that support emergency shelters. In 2013-14, the City received approximately $210,000 in ESG funds.

Based on yearly needs assessments and community input documented in the 2014 Annual Action Plan, the City of Trenton makes decisions on how to spend CDBG funds in the community.  It is estimated that one out of every three residents in Trenton has benefited in some way from the CDBG-funded projects and programs. In 2013, the City allocated funds to the following:  
  • Demolition of hazardous properties;
  • Rehabilitation of homes owned and occupied by senior citizens and/or individuals with disabilities;
  • Operation of the City’s public pools;
  • Provision of health and social services at the City’s senior citizens centers;
  • Operation of the Trenton Health Clinic (218 North Broad Street);
  • Grant administrative costs (staffing); and
  • Grants to local nonprofits and faith-based organizations for public service projects.
For more information on the background of the CDBG and ESG programs as well as the 2010 Consolidated Plan, download the slideshow from the 2013 public hearing which was held on February 28, 2013.

Each year, 24.5% of the City’s CDBG allocation is made available to local nonprofits and faith-based organizations for public service projects. 

Applications for the 2014-1% of CDBG (and ESG) funding are due on January 7, 2015 at 11:59PM. All applications must be submitted using a web-based system known as ZoomGrants. No fax, email or hand-delivered applications will be accepted. The applications can be found by following this link:Apply via ZoomGrants™
Any questions concerning the application process should be submitted to Marc Leckington, Project Coordinator via email.
In 2013-14, the following projects were funded by the CDBG program:
Organization Name Proposal Title Award
HomeFront, Inc. Hire Expectations $38,300
Isles, Inc. Isles' Housing Counseling Services      $38,300
The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County Homelessness Prevention through Housing Stability Case Management $47,875
Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer County Neighbors Helping Neighbors Stay Healthy $23,937
T.A.S.K. Inc. TASK Meal Service Program $9,575
Prevention Education Inc. t/a PEI Kids Comprehensive Juvenile Offenders Outreach Services (CJOOS) Program $28,725
The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County Homelessness Prevention $47,875
Trenton Children's Chorus, Inc. Trenton Children's Chorus $23,937
Isles, Inc. Trenton Residential Healthy, Energy, and Environmental Transformation (Trenton ReHEET)  $71,812
Living Hope Empowerment Center Youth Living with Hope - Out of School Program $32,014
Millhill Child & Family Development Corporation Trenton PEERS Teen Empowerment and Education Program $47,875
Young Scholars' Institute College Preparatory Program $47,875
MERCER STREET FRIENDS Trenton Digital Initiative $47,875
The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Trenton YMCA of Trenton - Summer Camp for All $47,875
Court Appointed Special Advocates of Mercer County, Inc. Youth Advocacy and Mentoring Services for Adolescents Aging Out of the Child Welfare System $15,559

All applications submitted for CDBG funding in 2013-14 can be reviewed in their entirety here. And ESG applications can be found here.

CDBG Program Archives

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