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Fire Prevention



Top Fire Safety Tips

·       Working smoke detectors can reduce the risk of death in a residential fire by 40-50%.

·       The best smoke detectors are those with lithium-powered batteries and hush buttons. A lithium-powered battery can last up to 10 years, and a hush button allows you to quickly stop nuisance alarms that are caused by oven smoke, burnt toast, prolonged cooking, etc.

·       If 10-year, long-life smoke detectors are not available, install smoke detectors that use regular batteries, preferably alkaline, and replace the batteries as necessary - and at least once a year. (A useful tip to help you remember: in the fall, when you change your clocks to standard time, change your batteries as well!)

·      Test smoke detectors every month to make sure they are in proper working condition.

Prevent a fire from starting in your home

·      The most common causes of residential fires are careless cooking and faulty heating equipment. When cooking, never leave food on a stove or in an oven unattended. Avoid wearing clothes with long, loose-fitting sleeves. Have your heating system checked annually, and follow manufacturer's instructions when using portable heaters.

·      Smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths and the second most common cause of residential fires. If you are a smoker, do not smoke in bed, never leave burning cigarettes unattended, do not empty smoldering ashes in the trash, and keep ashtrays away from upholstered furniture and curtains.

·      Keep matches and lighters away from children. Safely store flammable substances used throughout the home. Never leave burning candles unattended.

·      For more information about fire safety, contact FIRE PREVENTION @ (609) 989-4032

Test smoke alarms once a month

·      Change smoke alarm batteries once a year - at an easy-to-remember time, such as when clocks are changed.

·       Replace a smoke alarm that's more than 10 years old

·       Buy a fire extinguisher, mount it, and learn how to use it. Revisit the instructions every six months.

·      Never leave burning candles unattended or near combustible materials - home fires caused by candles have doubled in the past decade.

·      If a fire alarm sounds, or smoke is visible, evacuate first and then call the fire department.

·      Close doors behind you when leaving the room and building to slow the spread of fire and smoke.

·      Plan an escape route that shows two ways out of each room.

·      Identify a meeting place near the home.

·      Practice an escape plan - during the day and night - at least twice a year.

·      Talk to children frequently about preventing fires and escaping fires.

·      Do not leave a dryer on unattended.

·      Do not leave a stove or oven on unattended.

·      Keep portable heaters at least three feet away from all combustible materials and never leave them on unattended.

·      Never disable a smoke alarm.

·      Do not overload power strips.

·      Turn holiday lights off when not at home.

Battalion Chief Office

(609) 989-4036 or 4037


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