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City Master Plan Documents
published by
the Department of Housing and Economic Development

Links to elements of Trenton's Master Plan are provided below.

The City is currently updating Trenton's Master Plan. The Master Plan, entiled Trenton250, will guide the City from now to the 250th Anniversary of its incorporation in 2042.  For more information on Trenton250 please visit Trenton250.org or click on the image below. 

Land Use Plan 
    1999 Land Use Plan
Section I. Executive Summary and Introduction
          Section II. Special Planning Areas
          Section III. Background Conditions and Related Issues
          Section IV. Proposed Land Use Designations
    The following documents are updates to the 1999 Land Use Plan.
Land Use Plan Rexamination Report 2005 
    Redevelopment Area Plans 
Downtown Master Plan 2008
Housing Plan 
    The City of Trenton produces a Consolidated Plan for the federal Department of Housing
    and Urban Development (HUD). This document serves as the Housing Element
    of the Master Plan.

     2010 Five Year Consolidated Plan (document submitted to HUD on August 6, 2010)
     Required Tables
     2010 One Year Action Plan

Circulation Plan
    The City of Trenton updated its Transportation Master Plan in 2004 and 2005.
    The Transportation Master Plan documents serve as the Circulation Plan Element of
    the Master Plan. The following documents comprise the Transportation Master Plan:
    Phase One Summary Report 2004 (pdf) (17 MB) 
    2005 Evaluation of Strategic Actions 2005 (doc) (<1 MB)
    Strategic Action Matrix 2005 (xls) (< 1 MB)
    SubArea Reports 2005 (pdf) (2 MB)
Conservation Plan
    The City of Trenton produced an Open Space Plan in 1994. This document 
    serves as the Conservation Element of the Master Plan. The 1994 Open Space
    Plan is not available in electronic format.
Economic Plan
    The City of Trenton produces a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
    (CEDS), for the federal Economic Development Agency. This document serves as
    the Economic Development Element of the Master Plan.
    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2004 (pdf) (7 MB)
Historic Preservation Plan
    Historic Preservation Plan for the City of Trenton 2001 (pdf) (767 KB)
    Historic Districts and Landmarks 

Related documents
Sustainable Design Guidelines and Rating System (doc) (1 MB)

* Please be aware that files over 1-2 MB will take several minutes to download. Download time will be much longer if you do not have a high-speed connection.



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