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Location: Adjacent to the Delaware River, from the water filtration plant, north to the city boundary.

Approximate Size: 32.66 acres

Facilities: Bicycle Fishing Historic Attraction or Memorial Open Space Walking/jogging path, Log Basin, Pond, Delaware River, Shakey Bridge

The plaza at the Log Basin lies at the northern entrance to Stacy Park, a mile long open space stretching along the Delaware River.
The eroded, poorly furnished bank was replaced with a 2 level plaza fitted with ornamental lighting, benches and native plant material. Wonderful views across the Delaware are afforded from the upper level while the lower provides a stable landing to fish from or to sit and enjoy the long views across the basin and down the length of the park. These design features will be repeated throughout the extent of the park as funding becomes available. Additionally, some of these elements will be used at the 'Shaky Bridge' at the southern entrance.

This scaled replica of a bridge built by the Roebling family was a gift to the City of Trenton and is currently undergoing renovation. The Roeblings are recognized as the engineers and builders of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as many others and founded their wire rope plant in Trenton.