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The sampling below contains phone numbers for the most frequently called City services.  For additional details, please visit the specific City Department of your choice . The area code for the City of Trenton is (609).

Trenton City Hall is located at 319 East State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608.



Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates (Vital Statistics), 989-3236


City-owned Property: Auctions, 815-2151; Boarding & Securing, 989-3163; Cleanup, 989-3163


Cleanup of Streets and Alleyways, 989-3200


Crime – Police Non-emergency Line, 989-4170


Crime – Police Emergency, 911


Dumpster permits/ tax maps/deed plotting- 989-3157(Engineer's Off.)


Garbage Days and Special Pickups, 989-3175


Graffiti removal/multi-dwelling reimbursements-989-3175(Solid Waste Off.)


Handicapped parking & ramps/Street Reconstruction/Pole Light Repairs(refer to PSE&G)-989-3612(T&T Off.)

Health Promotion and Clinical Services, 989-3242, extension 4


Housing and Rental Inspections (Cleanup of Private Properties, Illegal Dumping, Etc.), 989-3563


Marriage Licenses, 989-3236

Municipal Court, 989-3700


New Water Serv. & Shut-Offs-989-3222


Parking Meters (Broken), 989-3612


Park, Fields, & Boat Ramps Permits - 989-3628


Police Department, Front Desk - 989-3905


Property Tax Payments and Installment Plans, 989-3070


Recycling – Missed Stops (Mercer County): English – 278-8086; Spanish – 278-8003


Rental Assistance (Office of Adult and Family Services), 815-2164

Rent Control, 989-3505


Sanitary Health (Restaurants) and Pest Control, 815-2153


Senior Grant Program for Home Repairs, 989-3548


Sewer Back-ups-989-3180


Sidewalk Damaged by City-owned Trees, 989-3611


Street Sweeping/Potholes/ Street Milling & Paving-989-3201


Traffic and Transportation (Speed Limit Signs, Residential Parking Permits, Handicapped Parking), 989-3612


Tree Trimming (Streets Division), 989-3164


Tax Assessor (Inquiries about Property Ownership, Assessments), 989-3083

Trenton Animal Control/Shelter, 609-989-3254


Vacant lots/city-owned property-989-3164(PP Off.)

Veterans Office - 989-3800

Water Bill Payments and Installment, 989-3055, 989-3099


Water leaks/main breaks/ gen. complaints- 989-3222


Water Meter repairs- 989-3225


Sewer Stand-by (Emerg. repairs)-989-4170


Weddings (Performed by the Mayor on Tuesdays), 989-3031


City Directory


Office of the Mayor, 609-989-3030

Office of the City Clerk, 609-989-3187

Administration, 609-989-3807

Finance, 609-989-3034

Fire and Emergency Services, 609-989-4038

Health and Human Services, 609-989-3331            

Housing and Economic Development, 609-989-3504

Inspections, 609-989-3550

Law, 609-989-3011

Public Works, 609-989-3151

Police Department, 609-989-4055/4170 / 911

Recreation, Natural Resources and Culture, 609-989-3635

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