From: Trish Long []
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 11:30 AM
To: 'Aditi Mantrawadi'; 'mail'
Cc: 'Octavia Sutphin'
Subject: Stakeholder and Community Meeting notes (my comments)

Aditi –


Sorry it has taken me so long to get this out. These are minor corrections or requests for clarification to the notes that were taken at the Stakeholder and Community Meeting, but I think it’s important to get them on the record:


p.1 “Marion Avenue” should be Marion Street



clarification:  “Neighborhood has had meetings to apply for façade improvements – PNC bank grant.” I believe PNC has said they could provide grants or loans.


correction and clarification: Trenton is one of 8 cities in the country that received funding under HUD’S HOMEOWNERSHIP ZONE program. Background and explanation of this initiative can be found at


p. 3

clarification: “Absentee landlords create negative image for homeowners.” The term absentee simply refers to a non-occupant owner of a property. I suggest changing the statement as follows: Irresponsible absentee landlords create negative image for homeowners.”


clarification: What is the median income for this neighborhood? Please insert dollar figures to show what 80% - 120% of median income represents for this neighborhood.



question: Is the “vegetable and fruit establishment on the empty lot at the corner of Bellevue and Prospect” seen as an asset or a liability by the community?


correction: “Bordinot St.” should be Boudinot


correction: “shooting in Stuyvesant” should be “shooting on Stuyvesant Ave


clarification: I would change “need to provide options for gang members” to “need to provide positive alternative life choices for gang members”


p.5 clarification: “Large facility”  Can you tell us the acreage of the CHS – Mercer Campus?


p. 6


clarification: There are two references to potentially using a historic building as a community center / community group office building. I believe the building address is 408 Bellevue Ave. It is as the corner of Bellevue and Prospect.


clarification: It would be nice to provide some context for this statement: “There are adequate parks/recreation areas in the areas” i.e, generate a list of parks within ¼ mile of the center of the study area.


Question: Why is Cadwalader Park listed as a “limited resource?”