DIRECT-                                          1

            1              MR. REILLY:  Madam Chair, I will move

            2         that we memorialize the motions passed at

            3         last month's meeting, and that we dispense

            4         with the reading of the minutes from last

            5         month's meeting.

            6              MR. MARCIANTE:  I'll second that.

            7              MS. MASUDI:  Okay.  May I have roll

            8         call, please.

            9              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           10              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

           11              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

           12              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

           13              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

           14              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

           15              MS. DePULA:  All in favor.


           17   E-52454, 604 WEST STATE STREET.

           18              MR. MORIARTY:  Madam Chair, I move we

           19         continue the case to next month, pending

           20         statutory notice.

           21              MR. GIORDANO:  Second.

           22              MS. MASUDI:  May I have roll call,

           23         please.

           24              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           25              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          2

            1              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

            2              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

            3              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

            4              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

            5              MS. DePULA:  All in favor, appeal

            6         postponed to April 16th.


            8   13 COLUMBIA AVENUE.

            9              MR. REILLY:  Madam Chair, I move that

           10         we grant the extension.

           11              MR. BOSTED:  Second.

           12              MR. REILLY:  One year.

           13              MS. MASUDI:  One year, okay.  May I

           14         have a roll call, please.

           15              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           16              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

           17              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

           18              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

           19              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

           20              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

           21              MS. DePULA:  All in favor, granted for

           22         one-year extension.


           24   176 Division Street.

           25              MR. BOSTED:  Madam Chair, I move that

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          3

            1         we grant the extension.

            2              MR. REILLY:  Second.

            3              MS. MASUDI:  Roll call.

            4              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

            5              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

            6              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

            7              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

            8              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

            9              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

           10              MS. DePULA:  All in fair, extension

           11         granted for one year.


           13   145 BRUNSWICK AVENUE.

           14              MR. MORIARTY:  Madam Chairman, I'm not

           15         moved by the request to provide anything

           16         less than statutory service.  So I would

           17         agree to the continuance until next month,

           18         but requiring statutory service.

           19              MR. REILLY:  I second that, and I

           20         concur.  I'll second it.

           21              MS. MASUDI:  All right.  Roll call,

           22         please.

           23              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           24              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

           25              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          4

            1              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

            2              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

            3              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

            4              MS. DePULA:  Appeal postponed with

            5         statutory reservice, April 16th.



            8   ON 585 ROOSEVELT.

            9              MR. REILLY:  So moved.

           10              MR. BOSTED:  Second.

           11              MS. MASUDI:  We have a move and

           12         second, may I have a roll call, please.

           13              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

           14              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

           15              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

           16              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

           17              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

           18              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

           19              MS. DePULA:  All in favor.


           21   E-52458, 101 WEST PAUL AVENUE.

           22              MR. REILLY:  Madam Chair, at this

           23         point I am prepared to make a motion to

           24         approve the spray booth, because it's

           25         consistent with the current operation.  And

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          5

            1         I prefer to not further intensify the use

            2         for the addition of the used car license

            3         there.

            4              So I make a motion to approve the

            5         spray booth but not the used car business.

            6         If sometime in the future if the Applicant

            7         wanted to return for a renovated operation

            8         maybe we would consider it at sometime in

            9         the future.  But he has permission, he can

           10         sell the automobiles through mechanics

           11         liens and so forth, so I don't think it's a

           12         necessary part of the application.

           13              MR. MORIARTY:  I will second that.

           14         And I will also add that I think that the

           15         spray usage, which doesn't seem it's

           16         extremely high volume, is pretty consistent

           17         with the intent of the industrial A area

           18         zone, which allows repair shops, also

           19         allows processes of treatment.  So I think

           20         spray painting falls under a process of

           21         treatment, and it's pretty consistent.  So

           22         I will second that.

           23              MS. MASUDI:  And I am inclined to

           24         agree.  Will you come back up.

           25              (Additional testimony was had.)

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          6

            1              MS. MASUDI:  Okay.  So to that end,

            2         Theresa, may I have a roll call.

            3              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

            4              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

            5              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

            6              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

            7              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

            8              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

            9              MS. DePULA:  All in favor, none

           10         opposed, appeal granted for the spray

           11         booth.


           13   944 RIVERSIDE AVENUE

           14              MR. BOSTED:  Madam Chair, I make a

           15         motion that the former owner's total

           16         failure to act constituted a total lack of

           17         maintenance, no leaf or debris or snow

           18         removal, the disappearance of the owner, no

           19         security of the building, that this

           20         amounted to total abandonment of the use

           21         for a long period, and so I make a motion

           22         of finding of fact that the building was

           23         abandoned.

           24              MR. McGILL:  I think we would have a

           25         finding overruling Mr. Bucchi's

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          7

            1         determination based upon abandonment, that

            2         the property was abandoned, and it's no

            3         longer a preexisting nonconforming use.

            4              MR. MORIARTY:  I would second that.

            5         And that would, in my mind, require any

            6         reuse of the building, either as

            7         efficiencies or one bedrooms, to be handled

            8         via a request for variance, and then

            9         probably further action by this Board, as I

           10         understand.

           11              MR. McGILL:  Right.  If you find that

           12         it has been abandoned then we don't have to

           13         discuss whether it was ever expanded,

           14         because the entire use wasn't abandoned

           15         under use.

           16              MR. MORIARTY:  I think under the next

           17         addition of the dictionary under definition

           18         of abandonment will be a picture of 944

           19         Riverside Drive, I second that motion.

           20              (Additional testimony was had.)

           21              MR. GIORDANO:  And just to add a few

           22         statements, especially given the nature of

           23         this case, I think I do have to go on

           24         record, and then I will follow it up with

           25         my opinion with regard to the motion on the

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          8

            1         floor.  And thank you, Counsel, for your

            2         clarifications there, and thank you to all

            3         of the members of the public who came out

            4         tonight to basically have, you know, your

            5         opinions and facts that you were able to

            6         present, so I commend you for that.

            7              It's a very interesting case, I'm sure

            8         we all now have much more of an

            9         appreciation for the term abandonment than

           10         we ever thought we would coming in here

           11         tonight, I know I sure do.

           12              Getting to the questions before us,

           13         the question of abandonment of the property

           14         and abandonment of the use and our findings

           15         of fact.  Personally from what I've seen

           16         the evidence presented to me tonight, and

           17         from what I've heard, I find a few things.

           18              One, there's no doubt that the

           19         building itself experienced a long period

           20         of disrepair, probably even to the level of

           21         neglect.

           22              Now whether that gets to the point of

           23         whether it was an abandoned use, I don't

           24         feel that the applicant has met their

           25         burden of proof in that respect.  I will

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                          9

            1         give a few reasons for such.

            2              The property as it is now is a 20-unit

            3         property, it has been since it was

            4         constructed, and as we sit here today it is

            5         still a 20-unit property that, according to

            6         documents I have before me, in 1996

            7         received a certificate of occupancy, which,

            8         according to the testimony I've heard

            9         tonight, when that certificate of occupancy

           10         was issued those conversions that we've all

           11         been speaking about had already taken place

           12         at that time.

           13              So that according to the zoning of the

           14         City of Trenton, those 20 apartments as

           15         they were converted, however they got to

           16         that point, were an approved nonconforming

           17         use, and still are today.

           18              The previous owners, regardless of the

           19         opinion of how they maintained the property

           20         while they had it, I think what we learned

           21         today, the effect that one entity actually

           22         initiated a fraudulent sale of the

           23         property, perhaps gave some credence to the

           24         fact that they still wanted to maintain

           25         some kind of interest in it, even after all

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         10

            1         the years that had passed.  Perhaps they

            2         thought they could still make some money

            3         off of it, what have you.

            4              Which, again, making no judgment on

            5         how they handled the property while they

            6         had it, indicates that at least they had

            7         not completely written it off, as they say,

            8         with some foreclosure actions, just left

            9         the keys and walked away.  They did

           10         initiate some type of action, albeit, you

           11         know, while they may have been derelict in

           12         their responsibilities as owners

           13         previously.

           14              Perhaps the fact that we have somebody

           15         willing to purchase this property now and

           16         continue it as a 20-unit apartment and

           17         certainly would not make it vacant, which

           18         apparently it has been over the last

           19         13 years.  And so I think that, perhaps,

           20         that could prove to be beneficial to the

           21         community to not have that building be

           22         vacant anymore.

           23              And especially in light of the fact

           24         that so many of you cared enough to show up

           25         her tonight and speak, I am sure that if

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         11

            1         this property continues as a 20-unit

            2         property you will be very vigilant as

            3         neighbors to make sure that it is well

            4         maintained, well kept, and well preserved,

            5         and that the integrity and character of the

            6         neighborhood will not be harmed by this use

            7         if it is, in fact, permitted.

            8              Given all that though, again, with the

            9         case before us tonight, I don't feel the

           10         burden of proof has been met, and I will be

           11         voting against the motion.

           12              MS. MASUDI:  Do we have any further

           13         comments from the board members?  No.

           14         Okay, roll call, please.

           15              MR. GIORDANO:  No.

           16              MR. MARCIANTE:  No.

           17              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

           18              MR. BOSTED:  Yes.

           19              MR. REILLY:  No.

           20              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

           21              MR. McGILL:  That's a tie, that motion

           22         does not carry.

           23              (Additional testimony was had.)

           24              MR. GIORDANO:  I move to reaffirm the

           25         decision of the Zoning Officer on the

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         12

            1         contention of the facts that I have

            2         previously stated, that the burden of proof

            3         was not met and that the use of the

            4         property was not abandoned.

            5              MR. McGILL:  Well lets be clear on

            6         this, because I don't want this to be kind

            7         of messed up.  If the Applicant's attorney

            8         does not need the reversed vote, and Mr.

            9         Moony does not require the reverse vote,

           10         then we should just move on to whether or

           11         not the property has undergone an expansion

           12         of a nonconforming use, an illegal

           13         expansion of a nonconforming use.  Is that

           14         okay, Counsel?

           15              (Additional testimony was had.)

           16              MR. MORIARTY:  I will make a motion

           17         that hopefully will just allow us to put

           18         that behind us.  I make a motion that finds

           19         that the addition of the partition walls

           20         constitutes an expansion of a nonconforming

           21         use subsequent to the adoption of a

           22         relevant ordinance and that, therefore, it

           23         is a violation.

           24              MR. BOSTED:  Second.

           25              MR. REILLY:  It's been moved and

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         13

            1         second.  The first zoning ordinance was

            2         coincidentally passed around the same time

            3         the building was built in 1956.

            4              MR. MORIARTY:  Most of the testimony

            5         that we've heard this evening, undisputed,

            6         indicates that conversion was done in

            7         around 1980.

            8              MR. REILLY:  Well, it's not a

            9         conversion.

           10              MR. MORIARTY:  Expansion.

           11              MR. REILLY:  Not necessarily

           12         expansion.

           13              MR. MORIARTY:  The alterations, the

           14         walls, the partitions.

           15              MR. REILLY:  It's like saying don't

           16         cut the pizza into six pieces, I can't eat

           17         that much, it's still the same people, the

           18         building remains the same.

           19              MR. MORIARTY:  We did hear testimony,

           20         undisputed, that there were more people

           21         subsequent to the walls.

           22              MR. GIORDANO:  Just to inject a quick

           23         comment before the motion is voted on,

           24         again we're talking about nonconforming

           25         use.  I'm reading right from part of the

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         14

            1         evidence that was introduced today, section

            2         315, 193 existing nonconforming uses

            3         continuation all building, structures and

            4         uses not conforming to the regulations of

            5         the district in which they are located

            6         shall be known as quote, nonconforming, end

            7         quote.  May be contingent, but they shall

            8         not be enlarged, expanded or altered,

            9         except to become more in conforming with

           10         this chapter.

           11              Given that it's not saying that they

           12         cannot be enlarged, expanded or altered,

           13         but that in doing so it needs to become in

           14         more conformity with this chapter.

           15              Now not being a firsthand witness to

           16         what changes or alterations may have been

           17         made, whenever they may have been made,

           18         from what we've seen tonight, I've seen

           19         that in 1996 the Office of Zoning reviewed

           20         the building, gave it a certificate, gave

           21         it a CO and indicated that it was a 20-unit

           22         dwelling.  At that time, from testimony

           23         we've heard, all the changes had been made.

           24         So I believe they reaffirmed that the

           25         existing uses were nonconforming, and from

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         15

            1         a zoning standpoint that they were in line

            2         with the current zoning law, though they

            3         may have been nonconforming.

            4              MR. McGILL:  I think that you have to

            5         find the expansion of the efficiency.  The

            6         efficiency unit was nonconforming when

            7         expanded, and whether or not that expansion

            8         or the conversion is an intensification of

            9         the use.  And I think if you find that,

           10         then you'll vote favorably for Mr.

           11         Moriarty's motion.  And if you don't find

           12         that, from the evidence presented, then you

           13         vote against it.  I think that you can sum

           14         it up in a nutshell that way.

           15              MS. MASUDI:  Any further comments?

           16         Roll call.

           17              MR. GIORDANO:  No.

           18              MR. MARCIANTE:  No.

           19              MR. MORIARTY:  Yes.

           20              MR. BOSTED: Yes.

           21              MR. REILLY:  No.

           22              MS. MASUDI:  No.

           23              (Additional testimony was had.)

           24              MR. GIORDANO:  I will move that we

           25         find that the alterations were not

                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707

                DIRECT-                                         16

            1         expansions of a nonconforming use.

            2              MS. MASUDI:  Do I have a second?

            3              MR. MARCIANTE:  Second.

            4              MS. MASUDI:  Roll call.

            5              MR. GIORDANO:  Yes.

            6              MR. MARCIANTE:  Yes.

            7              MR. MORIARTY:  No.

            8              MR. BOSTED:  No.

            9              MR. REILLY:  Yes.

           10              MS. MASUDI:  Yes.

           11              MS. DePULA:  Four, two.

           12              Adjourned at 12:30 a.m.














                           RICHARD A. MERLINO & ASSOCIATES

                                   (609) 883-7707