Division of Economic Development

The City of Trenton's Division of Economic Development works to promote business attraction, retention and expansion, with special attention paid to job growth and an increase of city rates.


  • Prepare an overall economic development plan (OEDP) for the City.
  • Encourage the retention of existing businesses and assist such businesses in securing financing for renovation and expansion.
  • Encourage the establishment of new industry and businesses in the City and secure federal and/or state funds to make this possible.
  • Coordinate the City's economic development efforts with those of other governmental bodies and agencies.
  • Arrange and coordinate City services necessary for economic development projects.
  • Prepare data and statistics regarding the City's economy and make analyses and develop recommendations for economic development policies and activities.
  • Establish liaison with the Trenton Downtown Association and various commercial associations, including business associations in neighborhood shopping areas.
  • Plan and coordinate public improvements in commercial areas and the disposition of land owned by the City, Parking Utility or Redevelopment Agency, if applicable in such areas.
  1. Division of Economic Development

    Physical Address
    319 East State Street
    3rd Floor Annex
    Trenton, NJ 08608

  2. J.R. Capasso, CPG

    Brownfields Coordinator

  3. Tom McGough

    UEZ Coordinator

  4. Eric Maywar

    Economic Development Specialist