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City-Wide Business Improvement Incentive

This is for prospective and existing businesses, grants of up to 50% of total project cost, grant amount not to exceed $20,000, to retail businesses that are planning to make building improvements, with a minimum project cost of $5,000. For more information, email the division.

City of Trenton Tax Abatements

If you plan to make substantial improvements to a property, you can apply for tax abatement. This abatement would freeze taxes as there are and taxes on the improvements made to the property can be deferred. For more information, email Economic Development for a tax abatement application.

Trenton YouTube Channel

The Division of Economic Development maintains a YouTube channel for videos about Trenton businesses. If you have video content you want showcased, reach out to Economic Development via email.

Shop Trenton

City Hall maintains a Shop Trenton Facebook group for you to post things about your business to a group of Trenton-centric customers.

Black Wall Street Trenton

The largest declared affinity group from the Economic Development Retail Survey was in support of Black Owned Businesses. In recognition of that, the City maintains a Black Wall Street Trenton Facebook group for black-owned businesses to post things about their businesses.