Division of Inspections

The Division of Inspections is charged with the enforcement of all rules and regulations governing the use, occupancy, construction, alteration and maintenance of all property within the City.

Mission Statement

Our primary goal has been and remains to provide the highest quality inspection services and to safeguard the safety and welfare of all residents of the City. We will continue our vigorous but fair and consistent enforcement of our many codes and ordinances. Our over-all objective remains to ensure and improve the quality of life for citizens of our City, as well as for those who visit or work here.


  • The prevailing construction code and all related laws, regulations and ordinances.
  • The City ordinances relating to minimum standards governing the condition and maintenance of dwellings and any other Housing Code as to all interior and exterior conditions, including grounds and walkways, public or private.
  • The City Zoning Ordinance and all related land use regulations and conditions as established by ordinance or by decision of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, by the Planning Board or other appropriate agency.
  • The Electrical Code.
  • The Plumbing Code.
  • The Fire Code.
  • All ordinances and codes pertaining to the repair or construction of streets and sidewalks.
  • All laws, ordinances and codes concerning weights and measures.


There are two divisions: 

All offices are located on the second floor of City Hall Annex unless otherwise noted.