Division of Housing Inspections


The Division of Housing Inspections is responsible for enforcing the housing codes in the City of Trenton. These codes cover the minimum standards required for occupancy of all residential structures in the City. The Division is also responsible for the enforcement of all regulations covering privately owned vacant land and vacant properties. The City maintains an inventory of all vacant property and yearly issues a contract for the emergency boarding of abandoned property under Court Order.


All complaints regarding any violations may be given to the Division by calling 609-989-3563 or visit GovAlert.

Other Programs

In addition, the Division operates various other programs to ensure that all our residents have safe and habitable housing and places of business.

Absentee Owner Program

This program requires that all owners of residential or commercial property obtain a license, which must be renewed each year in January. If you are the owner of residential or commercial property, which you rent and have not applied for a license, or failed to renew for this year, please call 609-989-3563 for further assistance. If you are a tenant and want to know if your property is properly licensed, you may call the same telephone number.

Annual Fees

The annual fee for licensing is: 

  • Commercial Property - $120 per structure plus $25 for each business unit (minimum fee $145 for one commercial unit). 
  • Mixed Use of Residential and Commercial - $120 per structure plus $25 for each commercial unit and $25 for each residential unit. 
  • Rentals - if more than one rental re-inspection is required there will be a charge of $50 each time.
  • Residential Property - $90 per structure plus $25 per unit (minimum fee $115 for single family residence. 
  • Vacant structures will be a flat fee of $500, 1st Renewal $1,300, 2nd Renewal $2,000 and any subsequent renewal is $3,000. 

Note: Properties which are primarily used for the provision of retail goods and services must be licensed - property which is primarily used for industry or commerce, is exempted.

Code Inspections

As part of this program, periodic inspections are performed to check for existing housing code violations.

132-108 Transfer of Property


The purpose of this section is to ensure compliance with the Housing Code of the City of Trenton in order to maintain high standards of housing for homeowners within the city. The City of Trenton, however, by this section will not guarantee the quality or soundness of any property or structure, nor will it be liable to any persons for any act or omission in connection with an inspection of failure to inspect, nor shall the city be considered to be involved in any manner in the contractual relationship between an owner, tenant or purchaser.


Prior to the change of ownership of any residential property a Certificate of Housing Code Compliance shall have first been obtained from the Department of Inspections, Division of Housing Inspections. This document issued by the Director shall certify that the residential property conforms to the existing Zoning and Fire Safety Codes of the City of Trenton, Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Compliance as set forth in Chapter 132 Section 40 and substantially conforms to the minimum standards of habitability as outlined in Chapter 132, Article V-VIII and pertinent Electrical and Plumbing Codes shall be defined as the existence of service and fixtures which are in a safe, sound, and sturdy condition and do not give rise to a fire, safety or life hazard condition. In lieu of the Certificate of Housing Code Compliance the change of ownership may occur if the owner files with the Department of Inspections an affidavit indicating that the property will not be occupied until such time as a Certificate of Housing Code Compliance is obtained. A Certificate of Approval and/or Certificate of Continued Occupancy are acceptable substitutes for a Certificate of Housing Code Compliance.

132-113 Fees

The fee for a Certificate of Housing Code Compliance is $200.

Structures with more than four units will pay an additional $15 per unit.

If more than one re-inspection is required a fee of $50 will be charged for 1 and 2 units. For structures with 3 or more units the fee will be $25 for each unit.

Sidewalk Inspections

Within the Division of Housing Inspection is the Sidewalk Inspection and Enforcement Section, which regulates sidewalk construction and repair. The Division works in conjunction with the Department of Recreation, Natural Resources and Culture to identify and repair sidewalks damaged by tree roots. 

This program not only assists the homeowner but also ensures that the health of the tree is maintained. If your sidewalk is damaged by tree roots; you may contact our Sidewalk Inspector's Office at 609-989-3157. Placing of expansion and contraction joints and all specifications for construction of curbing, sidewalk and driveways may be obtained from Sidewalk Permit Inspector, located in first floor of City Hall, Room 101.

Housing Forms

When submitting this form to the Division of Housing, please provide one original plus two photocopies.