Law Department

Mission Statement 

The Department of Law is committed to providing quality legal services to the people of the City of Trenton, the Mayor, City Council, all departments within the City as well as City employees. In effectuating that goal, the Law Department will strive to ensure that results reflect the best possible legal resolution. 

We will provide legal advice to all who are entitled relying strictly on the canons of professional ethics and the applicable law. In this way the Law Department seeks to ensure that all individuals receive the same quality, care, and responses as if they had retained the Law Department on an individual basis.


The Department of Law under the direction of the City Attorney is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Advising City Council as to the formal sufficiency of all ordinances and resolutions prior to their passage.
  • The review and approval of all contracts, deeds, documents and instruments prior to the execution thereof by the Mayor.
  • Conducting appeals from orders, decisions or judgments affecting any interest of the City as necessary or desirable or as directed by the Mayor or City Council.
  • Enter into settlement agreements, subject to the approval of City Council, of any litigation which the City is involved.
  • Render opinions in writing upon any question of law submitted by the Mayor, City Council or the head of any department with respect to their official powers, duties and responsibilities.
  • Maintain a record of actions, suits proceedings and matters which relate to the City's interest and render reports thereon from time to time as the Mayor or Council may require.
  • Prosecute crimes and offenses in Trenton Municipal Court including violations of city ordinances.
  • Assist the administration in their different functions, powers and duties as may be required.

Municipal Code

You can view the Trenton Municipal Code online and it can be easily searched.