Planning Board

The Planning Board oversees development related issues that do not require variances. This 11 person volunteer body meets bi-monthly to review requests and conduct business.


Until further notice, all public meetings will be held virtually as video conferences with public access.


The City of Trenton Planning Board are utilizing Microsoft Teams service to conduct virtual meetings in compliance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act.  If you have questions on how to access virtual meeting, click here to review our Microsoft Teams Meeting instructions

To join the public meetings as an attendee, please click the link below during scheduled date and time of the Planning Board meetings.

In order to speak during a public comment portion of the virtual meetings, refer to instructions on the agendas. 

2020 Meeting Calendar

MonthDay of First MeetingDay of Second Meeting
January9 (Organizational Meeting)30 (5th Thursday due to New Jersey American Planning Association Conference falls on the 4th Thursday)
February13 27
August1327 (Canceled)
September1024 (Canceled) 
November1223 (On a Monday due to holiday, not scheduled on a Thursday)
December1221 (On a Monday due to holiday, not scheduled on a Thursday)
January 20211421 

This is the annual notice of the 2020 Calendar of the City of Trenton Planning Board advertised in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Law (New Jersey State Act 10:4-6 to 10:4-21) which establishes the right of all citizens to have adequate notice of all public meetings and the right to attend meetings at which any business affecting the public is discussed and acted upon.