Public Works Department

The goal of the Department is to ensure that all municipal owned buildings and properties under the jurisdiction of this Department are properly maintained, secured, and safe for the general public and municipal employee use.


The Department of Public Works seeks excellence in the delivery of services, through its various operations to all City residents. We are committed to deliver these services with fiscal responsibility, respect for the environment, quality of service and due diligence.


The Department consists of the following Divisions: 

Quick List

Litter, trash, graffiti and neglected buildings create an atmosphere of neglect and apathy. Every resident who keeps his or her property tidy makes an important contribution to community well-being. The City government is committed to keeping Trenton clean and welcoming.

  • Unsecured abandoned buildings invite trouble. Call 609-989-3163 to have city-owned vacant buildings boarded and cleaned of illegally dumped trash.
  • To report illegal dumps, unsecured privately-owned vacant properties or poorly maintained rental properties call 609-989-3563.
  • For help getting streets and alleys cleaned call 609-989-3200.
  • To learn when trash is picked up in your neighborhood or to arrange special pickups call 609-989-3175.
  • Recycling truck missed your house? Call 609-278-8086 (English) or 609-278-8083 (Spanish).
  • Erase graffiti with a call to Graffiti Blasters at 609-989-3175.
  • Have overgrown street trees trimmed by calling the Shade Tree Bureau at 609-989-3255.
  • Report unsanitary conditions in restaurants and pests in public places with a call to 609-989-3280.