Parking for the Disabled

Handicapped Parking Permit Application

View the Handicapped Parking Permit Application (PDF).

Guidelines for Applying for a Handicapped Parking Permit

Before you submit an application for handicapped parking, please make sure that none of the following apply to you or the front of your property:

  • State of New Jersey parking prohibitions:
    • Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
    • Within 25 feet of a crosswalk
    • Within 35 feet of a sideline of a street
    • Within 50 feet of a stop sign
    • Within an intersection
  • Areas listed in the Revised General Ordinance of the City of Trenton and posted on the street. The areas will be marked as follows:
    • Any area marked for time restricted parking
    • Bus Stop
    • Loading Zone
    • No Parking Anytime
    • No Stopping or Standing


It is the City of Trenton's policy not to grant a handicapped parking space to those who possess off-street parking.


Please note that the State of New Jersey requires that in order to establish a handicapped parking space, it must be at least 22 feet in length. If your property does not have the necessary frontage, you are required to obtain the adjoining property owner's consent to have one or both of the signs placed on his/her property. Only the property owner may give you this consent. If not, your application will be delayed until the consent is given.

Please fill out the online application as completely as possible. All of the information obtained will be used in making the final decision of providing the handicapped parking space. Once the Bureau of Traffic and Transportation has received the application, you will then be scheduled to appear before the Handicapped Parking Review Committee. Please be patient. This process may take two to three months due to the number of applications received by our Bureau.