Business Registration

Changes for Business License Renewal

The City Council of the City of Trenton, New Jersey adopted a new business license ordinance as of November 22, 2011:


  • A license is required for the privilege of engaging in any business listed in Section 146-21 of the adopted ordinance within the city. The license fee shall apply to any business maintaining a permanent business location or branch office within the city.
  • Every Business engaging in any activity described within the ordinance in the city, before entering in any such business, must apply for a business license to the City Clerk, and no Business shall engage in any business until after obtaining the required license from the City Clerk and paying the amount of the license as listed within the ordinance.
  • Any Business that represents itself as being engaged in any operation for which a license is required, or that a Business exhibited a sign or advertisement indicating such shall be evidence of such Business to pay a license fee and/or penalties as set in the ordinance.
  • As a prerequisite to receiving a license under this ordinance or transferring a business license the applicant or new owner must present to the city a copy of the applicant's or new owner's current business registration, issued by the Division of Taxation of the New Jersey Department of Treasury.
  • All forms are available by fax, email, in person or at City Clerk's webpage. Owners that hold a retail license no longer need to provide income tax returns with your applications.
  • All renewals are due by February 1st. All fees must be paid by a money order or certified check, made payable to the City of Trenton (No cash, personal or business checks will be accepted).
  • Failure to renew your license by January 31st will result in a lapse in your license. Your business will be considered an unlicensed establishment until all fees are paid and the license is issued.
  • As business owners in the City of Trenton, it is your responsibility to follow the regulations established to prohibit the throwing or depositing of litter. Please see the Littering Ordinance, Chapter 150 of the Code of the City of Trenton.
  • All code violations will be strictly enforced

Additional Information

If you have any questions concerning the new renewal process, you may contact our office at 609-989-3187.