Awarded Contracts - 2014

Start DateExpiration DateContract Number Description
N/AOne Time PurchaseSC 83909 (PDF)Authorizing Maintenance Services for the Radio Communication Equipment and Accessories for the City of Trenton Police Department
N/AMarch 6, 2015BID 2013-64 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Laboratory Bacteriological Supplies
N/AMarch 6, 2015BID 2013-65 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Laboratory Chemical Supplies Ii for a Period of One Year
N/AN/ABID 2013-66 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver 2 Ravo Series Street Sweepers
N/AOne YearBID2013-68 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver 1 Tren Shore Series Aluminum V-Panel Shoring System
N/AN/ABID2013-81B (PDF)Rejected-Generator Maintenance
N/AAs Needed BasisBID2014-04 (PDF)Emergency Water Services Repairs, Replacement and Disconnect (Waters and Bugbee)
N/AAs Needed BasisBID 2014-04 (PDF)Emergency Water Services Repairs, Replacement and Disconnect (Ted Dolci)
N/AJanuary 31, 2015BID2014-05 (XLS)Data Entry Position
N/AJanuary, 2015/15State Pilot Program (PDF)To Conduct the Annual Tax Sale Online Through the State of New Jersey Pilot Program
N/AN/AOne Time Purchase (PDF)1 International 4400 Chassis and Cab 70 Foot Aerial Lift Truck or Equivalent
N/AFebruary 5, 2015RFP2013-33B (PDF)For Specialized Legal Services for a Period of One Year
N/AOne YearRFP2013-34 (PDF)For the Design and Construction Observation Services for Replacement and Upgrade of the Water Filtration Plant and Reservoir Gatehouse Disinfection Systems
N/AApril 2, 2015RFP2013-41 (PDF)Professional Architectural and Engineering Services for the Rehabilitation of the William Trent House Museum
N/AOne YearRFP2013-44 (PDF)For Environmental Planning and Consulting Services to Assist in Various Brownfield and Economic Development Related Projects
September 4, 2014One YearRFP2013-45 (PDF)LSPR Environmental Consulting and Remediation Oversight Services
N/AOne YearRFP2013-53 (PDF)Professional Engineering Services Cleaning and Cement Mortar Lining of Cast Iron Water Mains, Installation of Replacement Water Mains and Other Related Improvements for Ewing Township
N/AFebruary 21, 2015BID2013-71 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver Sludge Blanket Polymer
N/AOne Time PurchaseBID2013-72 (PDF)The Purchase of one 20 foot by 8 by 8.5 Steel Storage Container
N/AOne YearBID2013-79 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Quicklime
N/AOne Time PurchaseState Contract Number A83011 (PDF)The Purchase of One 2014 Jeep Patriot MKJE74 4 Door Sport, Black Exterior, Dark Slate Gray Interior
September 23, 2013October 31, 2014State Contract Number A82767 (PDF)For the Purchase of Diesel Fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur and Winter Mix on an as Needed Basis
N/ADecember 31, 2014RFP2013-46 (PDF)To Provide Continued Application Software Maintenance and Support for MCSJ/MC32SBX/UAX System Upgrade for the Edmuns and Associates Financial Package
N/AOne YearRFP2013-50 (PDF)For Consulting Services to Review, Evaluate and Prepare Recommendation and Preliminary Design for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System
N/AOne YearRFP2013-55 (PDF)Construction of Distribution System Improvements Including Cleaning and Lining of Cast Iron Water Mains, Installation of Replacement Water Mains and Other Related Improvements
N/AOne YearRFP2013-83 (PDF)To Provide Payroll Services and Human Resources Information Systems
N/AFebruary 6, 2015BID2013-82 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver Coagulant Aid Polymer
N/AOne YearBID2013-83 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver Ferric Chloride for a Period of One Year with an Option to Extend One Year
N/AOne YearBID2013-85 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver High Molecular Weight Synthetic Water Soluble Polymer
N/AMarch 19, 2015BID2013-86 (PDF)For Instrumentation Calibration and Repair Services on Equipment
N/AOne YearState Contract T-2100/A83576 (PDF)Purchase of Two Red 2014 Ford F250 Pick up Trucks with Additional Equipment
N/AOne Time PurchaseState Contract Number A79573 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Shelving to Be Installed in the Evidence Room Section to Be Properly Stored Evidence Associated with Criminal Investigations
N/AOne Time PurchaseState Contract A80948 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Seventy-Six Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
N/ADecember 22, 2013 to February 12, 2014Mercer County Cooperative Contract Pricing System (PDF)Increase the Amount Awarded for the Furnishing and Delivery of Treated Rock Salt for the City of Trenton
N/AOne YearCC2014-06 (PDF)Worker's Compensation Managed Care Services for the City of Trenton, Department of Administration
N/AOne YearRFP2014-01 (PDF)Engineering Services for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Issues
N/AOne Year>BID2014-01 (PDF)Delinquent Tax Collections for a Period of One Year with Option to Extend Two One-Year Extensions
N/AOne YearBID2014-01 (PDF)Option to Extend Tax Collections Services
N/AMC-COOPBID2014-02 (PDF)Fuel Oil Number 2 on an as Needed Basis for Various Divisions
N/AOne Time PurchaseBID2014-03 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver Three Rear Refuse Packer Trucks
N/AN/ARFP2014-03 (PDF)Municipal Court Fees
N/AJune 30, 2015RFP2014-05 (PDF)To Provide Structural Engineering Services to Evaluate, Inspect and Design Systems and Prepare Bid Specifications for Phase 3 for the Rehabilitation of the Historic Delaware Inn Located at 1024 Lamberton Street
N/AApril 2, 2015BID2014-06 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Copper Tubing (Type K Soft CTS ASTM B88 with Maximum Working Pressure)
N/AOne YearRFP2014-06 (PDF)Legal Services for Foreclosures
N/AOne YearRFP2014-08 (PDF)For Telephonic Translating and or Interpreting Services at the Trenton Municipal Court
N/AOne YearBID2014-07 (PDF)Removal and Disposal of Liquid Sludge from Digester Tanks
N/AOne YearRFP2014-07 (PDF)Interpreting Services for Trenton Municipal Court
N/AOne YearBID2014-08 (PDF)For Stand-by Engine Inspection and Generator Maintenance
N/AOne YearRFP2014-09 (PDF)For a Certified Public Accountant for Trenton Municipal Court
N/AMarch 31, 2015BID2014-10 (PDF)For Reconstruction of Montgomery Street Between Front Street and Perry Street in the City of Trenton
N/AUntil Completion of WorkBID2014-11 (PDF)For the Rehabilitation of Ada Ramps in Various Locations in the City Trenton
N/AOne YearRFP2014-11 (PDF)For the Ferric Chloride and Fluoride Solution Day Tanks
N/AUntil Completion of WorkBID2014-13 (PDF)For the Upgrade of Freight Elevator Car Number 3 Located in Trenton City Hall