Awarded Contracts - 2014-2015

Start DateExpiration DateContract Number Description
N/AOne YearRFP2014-14 (PDF)Environmental Engineering and Consulting Services of a Licensed Site Remediation and Related Work at a Former Gasoline Station Located at 230 N Hermitage Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey
N/AMarch 31, 2015BID2014-14 (PDF)For the Revaluation of Real Property for Assessment Purposes for a Period of One Year with the Option to Extend Two One-Year Options
N/AUntil Completion of WorkMC-COOP (PDF)Authorizing to Sound Proof Four Interview Rooms in the Criminal Investigation Bureau to Bring the Interview Rooms up to Mandated Standards
N/AApril 12, 1014MC-COOP (PDF)Scrap Metal Removal
N/ATwo YearsBID2014-15 (PDF)For the Coverage, Maintenance and Support for a Gunshot Detection and Location System
N/AOne YearBID2014-16 (PDF)To Repair One Heil Front Loader
N/AOne YearRFP2014-16 (PDF)to Provide Public Defender Services
N/AOne YearRFP2014-16 (PDF)To Provide Professional Public Defender Services
N/AMarch 31, 2015BID2014-17 (PDF)Non-Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone Service Through Centrex or Centrex like Service
N/ASeptember 17, 2015RFP204-19 (PDF)Professional Consulting Services for Project and Grant Management for the Park Projects
N/AOne YearRFP2014-21 (PDF)Professional Consulting Services to Conduct Phase II of Trenton250 Master Planning Process
N/AN/ABID2014-22 (PDF)Rescinded Resolution Number 14-584 and Contract Award for the Removal or Stored Excavated Materials
N/AJune 15, 2015RFP2014-22 (PDF)Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planner
N/AJune 30, 2015BID2014-23 (PDF)Roadway Restoration Within the City of Trenton
N/AJune 30, 2015BID2014-24 (PDF)Roadway Restoration Within the Townships
N/AN/ARFP2014-26 (DOC)Rejected-Re-Design of Website for Trenton Small Business Week
N/AN/ABID2014-25 (DOC)Rejected-Groundskeeping and Maintenance
N/AJune 30, 2015BID2014-27 (PDF)For Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway Apron Restoration Within the Townships
N/AOne YearRFP2014-27 (PDF)Public Relations for the 2014 Trenton Small Business Week
N/AOne YearRFP2014-27 (PDF)Public Relations for the 2014 Trenton Small Business Week
N/AN/ABID2014-28 (PDF)Rejected-Undirectional Flushing Program, Inspection, and Testing
N/AOne YearRFP2014-28 (PDF)To Provide Nursing Services
N/AOne YearRFP2014-29 (PDF)To Provide Municipal Auditing Services
N/AOne YearRFP2014-30 (PDF)To Provide Professional Legal Services Regarding Labor and Employment Matters
N/AOne YearRFP2014-31 (PDF)Laboratory and Water Quality Consulting Services
N/AOne YearBID2014-31 (PDF)For 2014 Summer Feeding Program
N/AOne YearRFP2014-33 (PDF)To Provide Humane Care Services of Animals
N/AOne YearBID2014-34 (PDF)For Printing and Mailing Services for Trenton Water Billing Office
N/AOne YearRFP2014-34 (PDF)Worker's Compensation Defense
N/ASeptember 30, 2014BID2014-36 (PDF)2014 Summer Pool Program for the City of Trenton
N/AOne Time PurchaseMiddlesex County Co-Op (PDF)Repairs on Three Jacobsen Turfcat Mowers, the Purchase of Three Decks for the Mowers and Maintenance on the Fourth Mower
N/AMay 15, 2015CC2014-02 (PDF)
To Provide Occupational Health Clinic Services
N/AJune 19, 2015Competitive Contract (PDF)
To Provide Telephone Services and Cisco Voice over IP Telephone System
N/AOne YearBID2013-29 (PDF)Option to Extend the Furnishing and Delivery of Office Supplies
N/AOne YearBID2013-30 (PDF)Option to Extend Furnishing and Delivery of Uniforms and Footwear
N/A60 Day ExtensionBID2013-30 (PDF)Authorizing a 60-Day Extension for the Furnishing and Delivery F.O.B. Uniforms and Footwear
N/AJune 30, 2015N/AAmending Resolution Number 13-64 to Exercise the Option to Extend Year Three to Provide Payroll Services and Human Resources Systems
July 21, 2016July 20, 2017BID2013-33B (PDF)Final Option to Extend the Contract for One Year for Annual Maintenance and Support for Visual Fire Records Management System
September 6, 2014September 5, 2015BID2013-36 (PDF)Option to Extend Annual Maintenance of HVAC Systems
N/AN/ABID2014-37 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Dense Graded Aggregate Base Course (D.G.A.B.C) Backfill Materials Per NJDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction 901.08
N/AOption to Extend November 24, 2016BID 2013-38 (PDF)Furnish and Deliver Liquid Chlorine
N/AOne YearBID2014-38 (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Bituminous Stockpile Patching Material (Cold Patch)
N/AOption to Extend November 24, 2015BID 2013-39 (PDF)Furnish and Delivery of Flourosilic Acid
N/AN/ARFP2014-39 (PDF)Rejected Resolution 15-08 to Provide Counsel and Litigation Services as Attorney to the Planning Board
N/AJune 30, 2015BID2014-39 (PDF)To Provide 2015 Preventive Maintenance and Inspection for RDP Tekkem Lime Slaking System
N/AN/ABID2014-40 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Concrete Sand Backfill Materials Per NJDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Section 901.12B
October 2, 2014One YearBID2014-41 (PDF)To Furnish and Deliver on an as Needed Basis Bringham and Taylor Valve Box Lids, Cast Iron Roadway Valve Boxes Bottom Sections 36-Inch L and 16-Inch Valve Box Top Sections Double Flanged
N/AN/ABID2014-42 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Bank Run Sand and Gravel Per NJDOT Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Construction, Section 901.09
October 2, 2014One Time PurchaseBID2014-43 (PDF)Four 2015 Ford Transit Connect XL Vans LWD And One 2015 Ford Transit Connect LX Van SWB
N/ADecember 31, 2015RFP2014-43 (PDF)To Provide Continued Application Software Maintenance and Support