Bid Results - 2013

RFP 2013-15B (XLS)Legal Publications
RFP 2013-17 (XLS)Municipal Prosecutors - RFP Was Rejected-Resolution Number 13-439
RFP 2013-17B (XLS)
Municipal Prosecutors
RFP 2013-18 (XLS)Legal Services - General Municipal and Defense Litigation - RFP Was Rejected - Resolution Number 13-452
RFP 2013-18B (XLS)Legal Services - General Prosecutors Municipal and Defense Litigation
RFP 2013-19 (XLS)Legal Services - Insurance Litigation
RFP 2013-20 (XLS)Public Defender
RFP 2013-21 (XLS)Program Development and Seminar for 2013 Small Business Week
RFP 2013-22 (XLS)Public Relations for 2013 Trenton Small Business Week
RFP 2013-23 (XLS)Professional Services for Re-Design of Trenton Small Business Week
RFP 2013-24 (XLS)Municipal Auditor
RFP 2013-25B (XLS)Jackson Street Bridge Rehabilitation
RFP 2013-26 (XLS)One Nurse for the Department of Health and Human Services
Bid 2013-26 (XLS)Repair of Burglar Alarm Closed Circuit TV and Access Systems
Bid 2013-27 (PDFXLS)Preventative Maintenance and Inspections for RDP Tekkem Lime Slakings
RFP 2013-27B (PDF)Calhoun Street Park Improvements
Bid 2013-28 (PDF)Office Supplies
RFP 2013-29 (XLS)Engineering and Consulting Services at Former (Kwik Kleen) Dry Cleaners at 110 S Warren Street
RFP 2013-30 (XLS)Engineering Consulting Services - South Clinton Avenue
RFP 2013-31 (XLS)Engineering Consultant Services for Reconstruction of S Broad Street Between Lalor Street and Liberty Street
Bid 2013-32 (XLS)Crossing Guard Services for Trenton Police Department
RFP 2013-32 (XLS)Veterinarian Services
RFP 2013-33 (XLS)Specialized Legal Services for Trenton Water Works
RFP 2013-33B (XLS)Rejected Resolution - Specialized Legal Services for Trenton Water Works
Bid 2013-34 (XLS)Professional Engineering Services for Replacement and Upgrade of the Water Filtration Plant and Reservoir Gatehouse Disinfection Systems
Bid 2013-35 (XLS)Furnish and Deliver Potassium Permanganate
RFP 2013-35 (PDF)Design Phase and Bid Phase and Construction Phase for the Painting and Improvements of the Ewing and Lawrenceville Tanks
Bid 2013-36 (XLS)Maintenance of HVAC Systems - Trenton Water Works
RFP 2013-36 (XLS)Laboratory and Water Quality Consulting Services
RFP 2013-37 (XLS)Rehabilitation of the Alexander Douglass House at Mill Hill Park at E Front Street and Montgomery Streets
RFP 2013-38 (PDF)Repairs, Renovations to Mill Hill Playhouse
RFP 2013-39 (PDF)Hetzel Field Improvements
Bid 2013-37Peosha Training for Construction and Maintenance - No Bids Received
Bid 2013-37B (XLS)Peosha Training for Construction and Maintenance
Bid 2013-38 (XLS)Furnish and Deliver of Liquid Chlorine
Bid 2013-39 (XLS)Furnish and Deliver Fluosilicic Acid
Bid 2013-40C (XLS)Chlorine Equipment Preventative Maintenance
RFP 2013-40 (XLS)
Professional Consultant for Master Plan Phase 1-Community Visioning
RFP 2013-41 (PDF)Professional Architectural Engineering Services for the William Trent House
Bid 2013-41 (XLS)Security Guard Services - Trenton Water Works
Bid 2013-42 (XLS)Cleaning Services for Trenton Water Works
Bid 2013-42Cleaning Services for Trenton Water Works - Rescinded
Bid 2013-43 (XLS)Altitude Valve Maintenance
RFP 2013-43 (PDF)Cost and Benefit Analysis
Bid 2013-45 (XLS)Furnish and Deliver of Curb Boxes
RFP 2013-46 (XLS)Edmunds Systems
Bid 2013-46 (PDF)Cleaning Services for Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health
Bid 2013-47B (XLS)Inspection, Testing and Preventative Maintenance of Primary and Secondary Electrical Equipment
RFP 2013-44 (PDF)Environmental Planning and Consulting Services
RFP 2013-47 (PDF)Bond Counsel Services
RFP 2013-48 (PDF)Financial Advisor Services
Bid 2013-48 (XLS)Printing and Mailing Services
Bid 2013-49Belt Filter Press - No Bids Received
Bid 2013-49BBelt Filter Press - No Bids Received
Bid 2013-50 (XLS)Furnish and Delivery of Metropolitan / M-94 Fire Hydrants Parts and Accessories
Bid 2013-51 (XLS)Removal and Beneficial Reuse of Disposal Services, Stockpiled Water Treatment Residuals
Bid 2013-52 (XLS)To Provide Regional Long Distance Services
RFP 2013-52 (PDF)ADA Curb Ramps
RFP 2013-53 (PDF)5 Year Cleaning Lining
Bid 2013-54 (PDF)Debris Cleanout, Segregation and Disposal / Recycling Roebling Block 3-Building 104 (Basement)
RFP 2013-54 (PDF)To Conduct a City-Wide Economic Market Study
RFP 2013-55 (PDF)Distribution System Improvements Including Cleaning and Cement Mortar Lining of Cast Iron Water Mains-Ewing Township
Bid 2013-57 (PDF)Environmental Remediation Services for Former Federated Metals Property - 300 Enterprise Avenue, Trenton, NJ
Bid 2013-58 (XLS)One Yale Veracitor Pneumatic Tire LP Gas Powered Forklift
CC2013-02 (XLS)Summer Food Program
CC2013-03 (PDF)Third-Party Administrator
CC2013-04 (PDF)Managed Care
CC2013-06 (PDF)Property Insurance
RFP 2013-51 (XLS)Final Design of Redesign of Construction and Intersection Improvements for S Clinton Avenue, Greenwood Avenue / Market Street Intersection
Bid 2013-55 (XLS)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Three 2014 F-150, 4-wheel-drive, Supercab, XL with 6.5 Bed Pick-up Trucks or Equivalent
Bid 2013-59 (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Cold Water Meters Sensus Iperl and Omni C2 Type or Equivalent
Bid 2013-60 (PDF)Fencing Installation of Greg Grant Park
Bid 2013-61Public Vehicle Sale - No Bids Received
Bid 2013-63 (XLS)
Ten 2007 Edition NFPA 1981 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus or Equivalent for the Trenton Fire Department
Bid 2013-64 (PDF)Laboratory Bacteriological Supplies
Bid 2013-65 (PDF)Laboratory Chemical Supplies
Bid 2013-66 (PDF)Two Single Engine Hydrostatic Vacuum Sweeper or Equivalent
Bid 201-68 (PDF)Shoring System
Bid 2013-69 (XLS)International Chassis
Bid 2013-70 (PDF)Permanent Vegetative Stabilization - George Page Park Plaza
Bid 2013-71 (XLS)Sludge Blanket Polymer
Bid 2013-72 (XLS)Storage Containers
RFP 2013-73 (PDF)5 Year Cleaning and Lining Project
Bid 2013-74 (XLS)Infrastructure of Services to Facilitate Effective and Cost-Efficient Field Communications
Bid 2013-79 (XLS)Quicklime
Bid 2013-81B (PDF)To Provide Generator Maintenance
Bid 2013-81BGenerator Maintenance Rejected by Resolution and Re-Advertised
Bid 2013-82 (XLS)Annual and Quarterly Inspections plus Emergency Service of Primary Electric Motors
Bid 2013-82 (XLS)To Provide Coagulant Aid Polymer
Bid 2013-83 (XLS)Ferric Chloride
Bid 2013-45 (PDF)LSPR Environmental and Consulting Remediation Oversight Services for Nottingham Greenway at Assunpink Creek
Bid B013-75B (PDF)Boarding and Securing
Bid 2013-85 (XLS)High Molecular Weight Synthetic Water-Soluble Polymer
Bid 2013-89 (PDF)Emergency Mass Notification System