Division of Engineering & Operations

Curbs & Sidewalks

  • The Engineering Department must be notified 24 hours prior to the pouring of new concrete for either curbs or sidewalks. In the event this notice is not made, the City reserves the right to reject the work that has been done and revoke the license of any contractor violating this provision.
  • Poor workmanship may result in the rejection of the work and a revocation of the contractor’s license.
  • All concrete must be protected from damage by traffic, rain, vandalism, etc. In the event the concrete is damaged from any of the above sources, it will be the responsibility of the owner or the contractor, whoever did the work, to remove the damaged concrete and replace it with new concrete.
  • No concrete is to be poured when the temperature is expected to drop below freezing. If any possibility exists of the temperature dropping below freezing, the concrete shall be protected by an adequate covering of hay or any other means approved by the Engineer or his representative. Any concrete left exposed to freezing temperatures without approved protection must be removed and replaced.

Construction Details

  • Placing of expansion and contraction joints and all specifications for construction of curbing, sidewalk and driveways may be obtained from Sidewalk Permit Inspector located in City Hall 319 East State Street, Room 101.
  • Curbs: Physical Shape: Curbs are to be 18 inches deep, 16 inches wide at the top, 8 inches wide at the bottom, with the batter toward the street. There shall be a 1-inch radius the front edge and a 1/2-inch radius on the rear edge.
  • Sidewalks shall be a minimum of 5 inches in width and 5 inches thick poured monolithically except that all sidewalks at driveways and driveway aprons must be at least 7 inches thick.
  • Pitch or Slope: All sidewalks must pitch toward the curb at a rate of 1/4-inch per foot to facilitate drainage.
  • Note: hand mixed concrete is not allowed

Fee Schedule

  • Barricade Rental - $10 each
  • Dumpster Permit - $20 (30 day duration. Allows for the placement of a dumpster within the City’s right-of-way)
  • Flood Letters - $10 (Provide a certification from the city whether a property is located within a flood zone)
  • Plotting of Deeds, Wills Etc. - $25 (Changing of ownership on the City records)
  • Each Additional Parcel - $5.00
  • Sewer Tapping Permit - $10 (For establishing a new connection to existing sanitary sewer line)
  • Sidewalk, Driveway, Plumber Permit - $20 (Fee charged for permit for repair or replacement of sidewalk)
  • Street Opening Permit - $250 for first 20 feet (additional $10 each linear foot thereafter. Fee charged for opening a City street for utilities, etc.)
  • Tax Maps - $3 (Photocopy of Tax Map Mylar, 24" x 36")
  • Zoning Variance - $35 (Provide a listing of owners within 200 feet of a certain parcel of land)

Note: All fees are set forth by various City of Trenton Ordinances.