COVID-19 Testing

Here is the information you need to know about COVID-19 Testing in Trenton. The information is in three parts: 1) what to do if you don’t have a primary care physician 2) steps your primary care physician need to take and 3) what you need to know as a patient.

Testing is by appointment only. There is no charge for testing at any Mercer County-run site. You must have a physician’s order to be tested. 

Don’t have a physician?

Call Henry J. Austin Health Center at 609-278-5900 to see if you need testing. They can help you to talk with a doctor by phone or video.

For Physicians:

Complete a medical assessment for your patients reporting symptoms of COVID-19. Please follow CDC guidelines to determine if testing is clinically indicated.

Write an order/prescription for testing for patients you deem eligible based on your assessment. Be sure to include an accurate patient telephone number on the prescription, as that number will be needed to contact the patient to schedule testing.

Fax all orders/prescriptions for COVID-19 testing along with a face sheet with patient name, date of birth, phone number and address, to Mercer County COVID Testing Orders FAX at 609-630-4031. Orders with incomplete information may be delayed.

The County call center will call the patient to schedule testing at the date/time and location most convenient. Location information and access instructions will be provided to the patient during that phone call. All testing is by appointment only.

The call center will contact you with test results as soon as they are available (usually 2-3 days after the specimen is collected). It will be your responsibility to contact your patients to inform them of test results and give any additional guidance you deem appropriate based on their result.

For Patients:

Patients should expect a phone call from Mercer County within one business day at the number provided.

Patients with access to a car will be scheduled at the drive-through site at Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrence.

Patients who cannot access the drive-through site will be scheduled at a walk-up site in Trenton. These sites are open at churches in each of the city’s four wards one day each week. They will be provided with specific locations when they receive the phone call from Mercer County.

Patients should expect to be contacted by their physician’s office with the results.