2020 Vandalism Grant

If your registered Trenton business suffered damage to doors, gates or windows were damaged on Sunday May 31st, you may be eligible for a grant up to $5,000 to reimburse you for costs not otherwise covered by insurance or other grants. There is no minimum project cost and no matching is required 

If you are a Trenton businesses who suffered property damage May 31 and need architectural assistance or assistance getting your work approved by the Landmarks Commission because you are in a historic district, the City of Trenton would like to pay for your architectural services. Contact John Hatch at Clarke Caton Hintz at jhatch@cchnj.com and tell him what you need. Let them know that the City of Trenton said they would pay for the consulting and they will bill us. Feel free to copy me if you would like.

In addition, the Law Department of the City of Trenton is willing to review your insurance policy to confirm what it covers and does not cover for you.



For more information on any of these initiatives, Eric Maywar at emaywar@trentonnj.org.