"My Trenton" Project: COVID-19 and Race

This project is a Covid-19 emergency response project in partnership with the Municipality of Trenton to support the organization of civil servants' work during and post-Covid19 pandemic.                        

The project provides the City with data and analysis necessary to design adequate public policies to reorganize civil servants' work in this unprecedented conditions to ensure both the quality of public services and all employees' mental health.   

One of this project's primary concern is the diversity and inclusivity of all categories of populations, as the City of Trenton is a multiracial and diverse community. Several questions address the issue of inclusivity and equal treatment at the workplace for all races and minorities. The results will provide data to help the City identify and correct racial or minority triggered biases.

The data provides insights for policy-making objectives and for scientific publications.                                     

This project's societal impact is immediate and significant as it will directly impact the work conditions of thousands of employees of the City of Trenton, and business owners' activity.