Subcommittee meetings are the fourth Tuesday of every month.

To submit your name for consideration for service on one of the subcommittees (seats are limited), visit:

Policy and Procedure Subcommittee
• Pearlie Ames-Murray (Chair)
• Timothy Jordan
• Regina Thompson-Jenkins

Recruitment, Leadership, and Talent Subcommittee
• Rosa Rosado (Chair)
• Robert Donaldson
• Kenneth Miles

Use of Force and Less-than-Lethal Weaponry Subcommittee
• Jonnette Smart (Chair)
• Timothy Jordan
• Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer

Community Engagement and Partnerships Subcommittee
• Kenneth Miles (Chair)
• Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer
• Robert Donaldson

Youth Subcommittee
• Regina Thompson-Jenkins (Chair)
• Rosa Rosado
• Pearlie Ames-Murray

Community Health Subcommittee
• Phillip Bonaparte (Chair)
• Charles Boyer
• Rosa Lopez