What about payment?

When you receive your Purchase Order, you will also receive a voucher. Once you deliver the product or service, sign the voucher and return it to the "Bill to" address on the Purchase Order. If there is no "Bill to" address, send voucher to "Ship to" address.

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1. What steps do I need to take in order to conduct business with the City of Trenton?
2. After I complete and send in my application, what happens next?
3. What are quotations?
4. What are formal bids?
5. What are Requests For Proposals (RFPs) ?
6. If I have a question on how to complete any of the above solicitation processes, who can I call?
7. When can I make a delivery of my product or service?
8. What about payment?
9. How long will it take after I send in my voucher to get paid?
10. What types of products or services does the City of Trenton utilize?