Can report information confidentially?

The Trenton Police Department is initiating a "Speak without Fear" campaign that encourages community members to speak up about crimes and other problems in their neighborhoods. The Speak without Fear program is designed to provide community members with several ways to anonymously provide information regarding neighborhood crime. We recognize that in order to ensure a safe City, the citizens must be able to freely provide information about criminal activity to the Police. The Trenton Police Department also recognizes that it has an obligation to protect the identity of those who provide information to them regarding criminal activity.

How to Report Criminal Activity Information

In order to accomplish this, the Speak Without Fear program has provided four different ways of anonymously report information about criminal activity to the Police Department. These four ways include:

  • Dedicated Phone Lines:
    • 989-3663 for Confidential Tips
    • 989-DRUG for Drug Tips
  • Email the Tip Line
  • Internet Web Page
  • Text-A-Tip address message to CRIMES (274637) and enter the word TPDTIPS

Citizens will be encouraged to use these communication channels and Speak Without Fear knowing that their identity will be protected and that their information will make the City of Trenton a safer place to live.

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