Adopt-A-Lot Program

Mayor and Community Cleaning 1The City of Trenton currently owns and maintains more than 1,500 vacant properties that need care and maintenance, and our municipal government and residents alike share a vested interest in the upkeep and beautification of those lots. 

Residents and community groups have expressed interest in participating in an "Adopt-a-Lot" program, and this program empowers those interested parties to care for, improve, and make productive use of those properties to better their neighborhoods.

Allowing residents to legally care for such lots will benefit the public by improving the condition of the lots and the neighborhoods in which they are located by beautifying the properties, reducing blight, increasing neighborhood cohesiveness, and promoting the sustainability goals of the City.

Interested residents can apply to adopt a lot by completing the “Adopt-a-Lot Application” and “Licensee Agreement” forms on the right side of this page.  For more information about the program, please consult those forms or Ordinance 20-47. 

  1. Daniel Roach

    Real Estate Manager