Granting of Adjournments

Mercer County Vicinage Adjournment and Conflict Policy allows the Municipal Court Administrator or Municipal Court Judge to grant adjournments specific consent to an adjournment must be granted by the court in order for the request to be honored. The consent of the Prosecutor, while a consideration for the Court, is insufficient in itself to obtain an adjournment and counsel should not assume that a case is adjourned simply because the State consents to an adjournment. 


With respect to citizen complaints, notification of the granting or denial of an adjournment will be promptly undertaken by the Court Administrator to all counsel and parties concerned. In cases involving either a public or private prosecutor and defense counsel, counsel will be responsible for notifying their adversaries of the adjournment. 

State Cases

In cases where the State is represented by a public or private prosecutor and the defendant is not represented by counsel, the Court Administrator will notify all counsel and parties of the granting or denial of the adjournment.