How We Get Work Done

Excavating Contaminated Soil Behind a Former Dry CleanerFunding

The Brownfields program applies for funding from federal and state sources to assess, investigate and remediate city-owned sites that are prioritized for redevelopment. Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) grants from various environmental protection agencies and Environmental Protection Agency Assessment Grants are used to conduct assessments and investigations, while Environmental Protection Agency Cleanup grants can provide up to $200,000 or more for remediation.

Underground Tank Removal and Oily Groundwater Recovery at Former Magic Marker SiteCity capital budget funds and other grant programs are used when available and/or necessary. The program also supports open space creation and uses Green Acres funding for acquisition and development of parks in partnership with the Division of Recreation. The BAP lists all of the grant funding obtained and utilized over the life of the program.

Keys to Success

In order to expedite the work to the extent possible, maximize efficiency and minimize expenses, the Brownfields Program self-performs historic research, field assessments, technical and public bid specification preparation, and requests for proposals for contract work with state-licensed professionals. Grant funding and compliance is accomplished with the assistance of professional experts contracted annually.

Programmatic success also requires developing partnerships with, and accessing resources of, many stakeholders including: the Community Collaborative Initiative; the Office of Brownfields Reuse; Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 and Headquarters; and local stakeholders and non-profits and other groups working on redevelopment and environmental issues in Trenton.

The Better Environmental Solutions for Trenton (BEST) Committee is the Brownfields Program’s Advisory Committee and is made up of various public and private stakeholders. The BEST committee has been meeting throughout the programs 25 year history.

Brownfields Inventory & Redevelopment

The program maintains a brownfield inventory of over 100 sites, 60 of which have been remediated and/or addressed to the extent necessary to be redeveloped. Trenton’s brownfield sites have been redeveloped for a variety of uses, including: public use (14 sites), open space (12), commercial (8) and industrial (10), and residential use (14). A total of 537 units of mostly affordable housing have been constructed on brownfields sites that have been remediated for residential use.

East Trenton Homes and New Greg Grant Park