Chapter 283. Towing and Storage

§ 283-12. Towing fee schedule.

A Basic towing services.

(1) Standard/flatbed under 10,000 pounds: $85.

(2) Standard/flatbed 10,000 to 26,000 pounds: $175.

(3) Standard/flatbed in excess of 26,000 pounds: $300 per hour.

(4) Vehicle removal charge (yard fee): $25.

B. Special services. An on-scene Trenton Police Department supervisor shall authorize all special services located herein, and those services shall be documented on the Trenton Police Department vehicle report pertaining to that towed vehicle.

(1) Extensive cleanup: $25.

(2) Disposable materials used for cleanup (example: speedy dry): current market value.

(3) Administrative charges (to only be charged to the City based upon authorization from designated police officer): $25.

(4) Winching: $150 per hour.

(5) Recovery winching: $300 per hour per vehicle.

(6) Additional labor: $75 per hour/per employee/ to include additional equipment as required.

C Towing fees during snow removal or other emergencies. When towing services are required during snow removal, for parades or special events or during flooding or other emergencies, the towing contractor shall be paid $125 per hour per vehicle in lieu of the fees set forth in the towing and storage schedule.

§ 283-13. Storage fee schedule.

A. Fees.

(1) Passenger vehicle: $25 per day.

(2) Large truck: $70 per day.

(3) Tractor-trailer: $140 per day.

B Only one day’s storage shall be charged for the initial twenty-four-hour period the vehicle is in storage.

C There shall be a cap on storage fees for privately owned vehicles equal to the cost of 90 days of storage for that vehicle. There shall be no cap on storage fees being paid for by corporations and/or insurance carriers. There shall be a cap of $400 for storage fees charged to the City for vehicles converted via clear titles or vehicles converted to bids via City auctions regardless of the duration of the storage, except that a waiver may be granted for good cause upon the request of the municipality by the Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs. Vehicles converted to the ownership of the tow vehicle operator via clear or junk title shall have the storage fees waived.