Customer Service

Trenton Water Works is a municipal utility owned and operated by the City of Trenton. Trenton Water Works provides water to the City of Trenton and parts of Hamilton, Ewing, Lawrence and Hopewell Townships.


There are some differences in the way this utility operates in each municipality.

In the City

The City only bills water and sewer for properties located in the City of Trenton. This amount appears as part of the regular quarterly water bill. The City of Trenton does not bill for water and sewer for properties located in the suburban townships. These municipalities bill separately for sewer usage.

In the City of Trenton all water and sewer charges are assessed against the property, rather than the individual customer. If payment is not made, not only can water service be terminated, but a lien can be placed against the property as well.


In the suburban townships, the charges are assessed against the account customer. Water service can be terminated for non-payment, but the charges for service will follow the individual customer. 

Water Service Application

View the application for water and sewer services (PDF).

Trenton Water Works Developers

Standards for water improvements for future developments (PDF)