Wildlife & Free Roaming / Feral Cats


Trenton Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Services (THLEAS) serves to advise the public regarding wildlife issues. If you suspect you have some form of wildlife inside your home or doing damage to your property, an officer will make a one-time courtesy call to try to assist with the capture and to advise you of the next steps if you are unsuccessful in capturing the animal at the time of the courtesy call. The city no longer rents traps or conducts follow-up visits after the initial courtesy visit.

Residents are advised to contact a certified wildlife specialist that would be able to assess the extent of their problem, offer recommendations to remediate, and to capture/remove the animal. Resources on how to co-exist with wildlife, suggestions on how to remediate and other available resources regarding finding a wildlife specialist in the area can be found by calling one of the following groups:

  • Office of Animal Welfare: 609-826-4872 or 609-826-5964
  • New Jersey Fish and Wildlife: 800-344-9453

Free Roaming/Feral Cats

THLEAS does not trap free roaming or feral cats. Our office will provide residents with educational and other resource information on methods to reduce the number of cats in their neighborhoods. The shelter also works closely with various volunteer rescue groups that provide Trap-Neuter-Return services and that may assist with low-cost spay/neuter and other medical care services.

If you have a problem with too many cats in your neighborhood, call Trenton Cats Rescue at 857-228-8696 for assistance.