Division of Assessment

The Division of Assessment is responsible for establishing the value of exempt and taxable property located in the City of Trenton. It reviews applications for tax exemptions and abatements. The Assessment Office also maintains current tax maps of the city as a public record noting all changes in ownership or character of real property. If you are a property owner and have questions about your property tax assessment, or need additional information on properties located in the City, please contact the Assessment Office.

For Your Information

  • The 2022 ratio is 94.83%. The 2022 tax rate is $5.458 per $100 of assessed value.
  • Tax Abatement and Exemption forms are available in the Tax Assessor's office or can be downloaded from the Property Tax Forms page.
  • Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Veterans' applications for property tax deductions and exemption can be downloaded from the Property Tax Forms page.
  • The Mercer County Board of Taxation has developed a portal for easy access to public property information including property record cards, sales, deeds, and other property records.