Tax Form U.E.Z. Instructions

File this application with your local tax assessor within 30 days after completion of the improvement or conversion. The application must be completed in all respects, including the providing of all required proof.

  • Dwelling House - means any residential property assessed as real property consisting of not more than four units of which not more than one may be used for business or commercial purposes.
  • Completed - with respect to a parcel of qualified property, or the completion of that property, means substantially ready for the use for which it is intended and its occupancy as a principal residence.
  • Cost - when used with respect to construction, or to an improvement or conversion alteration, means only the cost or fair market value of labor and materials used in constructing or improving qualified residential property, or in converting another building or structure to qualified residential property, including any architectural, engineering, and contractors fees associated with the construction, improvement or conversion, as the owner of the property shall cause to be certified to the governing body by an independent and qualified architect, following the completion of the project. Proof of the cost of the improvement or conversion alteration must be provided.
  • Qualified Residential Property - means any building used or to be used or held for use as a home or residence, including accessory buildings located on the same premises and including condominiums, cooperatives and horizontal property regimes. No building shall be considered a qualified residential property if the certificate of occupancy for the construction, conversion, rehabilitation or renovation was issued on or before the date falling 30 months prior to January 1, 1990.
  • Conversion - means the alteration or renovation of a nonresidential building or structure to qualified residential property, the building or structure so converted, may include but need not be limited to, commercial or industrial buildings or structures, or underutilized school buildings.
  • Taxes Otherwise Due - means the amount which would be determined by including the appropriate percentage of the assessed valuation of the abated structure, improvement or conversion alteration, as the case may be, on the assessment list of the municipality as taxable property, and levying taxes thereon in the same manner as other taxes are levied pursuant to Chapter 4 of Title 54 of the Revised Statutes.