Valid Forms of Identification

Forms of Identification

The following forms of identification can be used to get a certified copy of a record:

  • Valid photo driver’s license showing your current address
  • Photo identification card issued by the department of Motor Vehicles
  • Valid driver’s license without photo and an alternate form of identification with a current address
  • Two alternate forms of identification, one must contain your current address

Alternate Forms of Identification

  • Auto insurance card
  • Auto registration card
  • Bank statement (last 90 days)
  • Court correspondence
  • Court order
  • Crib card and admission or discharge papers from the hospital
  • Government issued identification (state/county/military)
  • Letters sent in your name from a government agency
  • Marriage licenses
  • Naturalization papers
  • Notification of unemployment
  • Public assistance identification
  • Rent or mortgage documents
  • Resident card
  • School/work identification
  • Tax Return/W-2 forms - recent or previous year
  • U.S. or foreign passport
  • Utility bills (last 90 days) - electricity, gas, telephone, water