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The Smoke House"I like that Trenton is right in the middle of everything. NY, Philly, the shore etc. and I have clients that come from up north and as far south as D.C so I’m easily accessible from the highway and trains. I attract a lot of businesses from the surrounding cities. Also, affordable rent and since the city is so small news travels very fast. It’s very easy to promote especially when you are operating and promoting properly. - Johnna Hodges, Manely Luxe,

Trenton’s Division of Economic Development has programs supporting businesses you won’t find anyplace else. They organize the Trenton Eat Local Club, which brings a mob of people to a different restaurant every month, supporting local businesses. Other cities often have Shop Local programs that consist entirely of newspaper ads and social media posts. Trenton actually brings people into your business so they can spend money. This is in addition to assisting with business improvement and expansion grants and access to programs like the Urban Enterprise Zone. I feel sorry (not sorry) for all those businesses who are in other cities that don’t work so hard on their behalf. - Maurice Hallet, 1911 Smokehouse Barbecue

The future, we’re definitely staying here. Our little community here is nice. We love Trenton. I go out two or three times a day and sweep up. I put flowers out there. I’m proud to be here. - Margaret Pulhac, The Blue Danube.

I chose Trenton because of its cultural diversity, geographic position, and affordable real estate. Not to mention the historic architecture. There is no other City along the coast with the potential we have here. There really aren't many parking options near my business, but Trenton is very walk-able given its size. There's also a great system of public transportation here. - Elijah Dixon, The Orchid Group

I love being part of the downtown Trenton community. - Debra Hoy, Executive Cuts