Taxi Cabs

City Licensed Taxis

The City of Trenton requires that all taxis that do business within the City of Trenton be licensed by the City of Trenton. The licensing process ensures that all taxi drivers complete annual background checks, which includes both a review for criminal history and driving violations. 

Furthermore, all drivers provide documentation of current insurance policies and must undergo annual drug screening. Cabs are inspected regularly for safety and cleanliness violations.


City ordinance requires that all taxis use a meter to determine fares from point to point within City limits. Meters are regularly calibrated and inspected to guarantee correct fares.


Licensed Taxi cabs are required to have a City of Trenton decal affixed to the front and rear panels of the cab. Should you wish to complain or compliment a taxi company, please feel free to contact Taxi Inspector Eli Gonzalez at 609-989-3592.


The City will not recommend taxi companies, but a complete list (PDF) is available for those companies that have met all licensing requirements.