Eligible Properties

Owner -occupied single-family homes located the City of Trenton are eligible for assistance under this program.  However, homes located in a flood plain are not eligible.  They must apply through the full rehab program to meet flood-proofing requirements.

Since the extent of work is limited to critical repairs, the home must be in a reasonable condition so that the limited repairs allow the home to continue to be occupied in a safe manner.  

Assistance may be provided to homeowners residing in structures judged by program staff to be detrimental to the health and safety of the homeowner-occupant(s) and requiring immediate attention. The sole intent of these funds is to eliminate hazardous situations and restore the dwelling unit to a non-threatening status.

Program staff will inspect the unit to determine the severity of the needed repairs and will make the sole determination as to the eligibility of the dwelling for Urgent Rehabilitation Assistance. If the situation is determined not to be detrimental or threatening, the homeowner will be denied assistance and encouraged to apply for other assistance that might be available to them.

Program staff may waive routine program processes and procedures for eligibility such as accepting an abbreviated application, viewing income/ownership documents on-site, accepting self- certification of ownership, income, etc., in cases where an immediate danger to health, safety, or sanitation exists. The homeowner will be required to provide written documentation and verification regarding eligibility issues within three (3) days of request for assistance.

No portion of the property may be used for business purposes.