Project Background

The City of Trenton, in coordination with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, is conducting a concept development study to create and evaluate conceptual plans for improvements at seven intersections near the Trenton Transit Center. The study will find ways to enhance circulation to, from, and through the Transit Center area, and select a preferred alternative for each intersection to advance to design. This effort takes the 2006 Trenton Station Linkage Plan one step further by updating concepts and drafting the required NJDOT documents for their Capital Project Delivery Process and Phases.  

The study will evaluate methods to:

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle access and safety.
  • Enhance vehicular circulation by improving connectivity and simplifying complex intersections.
  • Reduce the number of uncontrolled ramp movements in the study area.
  • Support transit-oriented development.
  • Create a gateway for the City.