Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be a superior public water system with comprehensive, effective operations that are guided by the finest human capital applying science-based industry standards to produce excellence in water quality.

Our Mission

As one of the largest and oldest public-water systems in the United States, Trenton Water Works strives to provide the finest drinking water that meets federal and state standards, and to maintain sewer operations that safeguard public health while also protecting the environment and critical watersheds. TWW works to achieve these important goals through the commitment of a dedicated and well-trained workforce and valuable contract vendors. The TWW mission is to operate with science-based water industry standards, innovation and accountability, supported by a culture that is transparent, communicative, and customer focused.

Our Values


Maintain high ethical standards and foster an operating environment of accountability to support the well-being of our customers.


Endeavor to build trust through consistent communications, excellence in customer-service delivery and attention to customer feedback to improve operations.


Continuously apply science-based, industry-standard processes and innovation to every aspect of our operations to address water-industry challenges.

Workforce Development

Train and mentor employees and establish partnerships with public, vocational and higher education to build a workforce that is locally sourced, talented and leading edge.