From the Delaware to your Pipes

Delware RiverDrinking water for our approximately 225,000 customers comes from the Delaware River. The Delaware is the longest un-dammed river in the United States east of the Mississippi, extending 330 miles from the confluence of its East and West branches at Hancock, N.Y. in the Catskill Mountains to the mouth of the Delaware Bay where it enters the Atlantic Ocean. Just over 13 million people rely on the waters of the Delaware River Basin. Approximately 6.6 billion gallons of ground and surface water is withdrawn from the basin every day (based on 2016 data).  The largest water use sectors are power generation (~58%), public water supply (~15%), industry (~9%), and exports (a.k.a. out of basin transfers) to New York City and northern New Jersey (~9%). The Delaware River Basin Commission was formed in 1961 as a regional body with the force of law to oversee a unified approached to managing  a river system without regard to political boundaries. 

Source: Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)