Bureau of Environmental Health

The Bureau of Environmental Health is comprised of Registered Environmental Health Specialists, Public Health Investigators and one Pest Control Operator.

Responsibilities & Operations

  • Body Art/Tattoo: Businesses which perform tattooing, permanent cosmetic procedures and ear/body piercings are regulated by Chapter 8 of the state sanitary code to ensure that adequate sterilization methods are maintained. Inspectors conduct yearly inspections are also investigate complaints as necessary.
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning: In conjunction with our Nursing Division, licensed lead inspectors/risk assessors investigate cases associated with elevated blood levels in children. Once lead hazards are identified, the inspectors engage in an abatement protocol until the lead hazard is remediated.
  • Pest Control: Home owners are offered a one-time free pest control service for mice, roaches, and ants. Beehives are also removed.
  • Public Health Nuisance Complaints: Environmental inspectors are on call to respond to complaints such as noxious weeds, solid waste, rodent and inspect complaints, environmental spills, etc.
  • Public Health Recreational Bathing: Recreation bathing sites are inspected at least twice during operating season to insure compliance with New Jersey sanitary codes.
  • Retail Food Establishments: Yearly routine inspections of all food establishments are conducted in accordance with chapter 24 of the State Sanitary code. Citizen complaints are also investigated. Enforcement action is taken as necessary to insure compliance with all relevant laws. All records are always available to residents.
  • Temporary Food License: The New Jersey State Sanitary Code requires all vendors to obtain a health permit if they are interested in participating in a special event. View the attached health permit application (PDF).